10 Super Cool Ways to Turn Your Backyard into a Stunning Getaway

Posted By: admin on 12 Sep, 2019

Do you like sipping your morning coffee amidst lush greens while on vacation? If so, then how about getting your very own relaxing retreat at home? It is possible provided you have a house with a backyard. Within this space you can incorporate many elements, such as a garden, waterfall, pool and al fresco dining area. You can transform your patio into a getaway that will also increase your property’s resale value. So, what are you waiting for? Keep reading this post and discover 10 super cool décor ideas that will instantly transform your backyard into a happening spot.

1. Choose Fancy Patio Furniture

Gone are the days when outdoor furniture was restricted to wrought or cast iron, aluminum and wood. Today’s varieties include waterproof and synthetic patio furniture that is both stylish and comfortable. Instead of choosing boring furnishings, opt for something like a swing sofa which is somewhere between a bench and a hammock. They are visually intriguing and create a style statement as well.

2. Consider Landscaping

A backyard is incomplete without proper manicured landscaping. This is because your patio is where you reconnect with nature and relax in the fresh air. So, while décor and furniture are important, do not forget about gardening. Plant trees and flowers of different types to make your backyard look colourful and appealing.

3. Build an Inground Swimming Pool

If you have the means and the space, an inground swimming pool surrounded by a canopy of trees makes your backyard a social hub. Furthermore, keep a seating area beside it and hang some string lights to make it your property’s focal point.

4. Create a Flower-Covered Pergola

Who does not like a pergola? After all, they make an awesome addition to any patio. Unfamiliar with the word? Understandable. Pergolas are those arched outdoor structures that consist of a framework covered with trailing or climbing plants. Instead of the common type that features plants, select one covered with flowers of your choice. This makes your patio a great space in which to host lunch and tea parties.

5. Make a Tree House

Tree houses aren’t just for kids. Distinguishing your patio from conventional ones and creating an impression on your guests and friends has never been easier when you construct a tree house, especially if your backyard leads to a forest. If you do not want to build an entire tree house, you can build a banister around your patio to make it look like a peaceful lookout deck.

6. Select a Fountain

A fountain instantly augments the appearance of your backyard. Just be sure you have enough space. In addition, make sure your patio has fieldstones and water channels that will complement and complete it.

7. Construct an Outdoor Kitchen

From cooking in the open air to hosting a lunch party on the patio, an outdoor kitchen is a great idea. Either pick a fancy grill or a side burner based on what suits you best. Apart from this, install a countertop (to prepare your food), storage spaces and a sink. To cover your outdoor kitchen, choose a concrete shade or awning.

8. Hang a Hammock

Don’t get disheartened If you have a small patio. There is a solution. Try hanging a slim hammock to enjoy the fresh air and relax. To make it stylish, lay down a jute area rug and keep a few colourful pillows lying around. To create more seating, keep a few mattresses on the ground coupled with cushions to provide comfort and style.

9. Build an Outdoor Bar

Do you like hosting parties in your backyard? Then you need an outdoor bar. It is an addition sure to make your patio stand out. Select an eye-catching tile design bar over more common wooden ones. Keep high stools around it and hang some fairy lights. In this way you create an entertainment area suitable for both family get-togethers and romantic dinner dates.

10. Set up a Tent

Tents have many uses. They act as an extra room for your guests, a pool house or an outdoor living space. However, you will need a spacious backyard to accommodate it. This is not a permanent addition so can be pulled down when needed.

In these ways, you can change your patio from drab to fab. Concentrate on landscaping, include stylish patio furnishings, construct an outdoor kitchen or a bar and install a few architectural structures like a pergola. Then you will be are ready with your own home entertainment area. So, which décor tips are you considering for your patio? All of them perhaps? Make up your mind and start the transformation right away!

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