10 Excellent Shade Ideas for Your Backyard

Posted By: admin on 11 Sep, 2019

People love to sit and spend time with their families in the backyard. But, when the sun is high and there is no shade, it gets tough to bear the scorching heat. If you install the right shade in your backyard, you can enjoy summer afternoons and stay protected from harmful UV rays. When it comes to backyard shades, there are many options at an affordable price. Here, you will learn about the various ways to shade your backyard and get relief from the summer sun.

Shade Ideas


Brilliant Shade Options for Your Patio


Plant one or two trees to naturally shade your backyard. Although tree planting is cost-effective, it takes time and effort to keep leaves out of gutters and roots out of sewer pipes. Fast-growing trees boost your home’s value and reduce your energy bills. Plant some tall shrubs in your outdoor space and create a latticework screen to get relief from the scorching summer heat. As shrubs grow faster than trees and do not require a lot of maintenance, think about installing them in your backyard.

Outdoor Curtains

Hang beautiful outdoor curtains in your backyard to add shade. If you have a tight budget, go for cotton canvas. Besides protecting you from harsh UV rays, outdoor curtains also provide privacy. They also block noise to a certain extent and create a peaceful environment. A simple machine wash is enough to maintain the quality of curtains for years.

Pull-Down Shades

Like curtains, pull-down shades protect against harsh sunlight. They also keep your home cool in summer. Pull-down shades reflect heat and prevent rain from entering the entertainment area. To purify the air and keep dust out of your home, install solar outdoor shades. If you are sick of nosy neighbours and want privacy in your outdoor space, pull-down shades are ideal. By installing them in your backyard, you create a private, sheltered and comfortable outdoor space to have fun with your near and dear ones.

Patio Umbrella

Extra-large patio umbrellas have always been a popular and economical way to add shade in a backyard. As they are not too heavy, they can be moved from one place to another as required. Patio umbrellas come in many different shapes, designs, and colours and can be customized according to your preferences.


When you install awnings in your backyard, you prevent exposure to direct sunlight and rainfall. They protect your furniture from getting damaged by daily exposure to the sun. Besides shelter, different types of awnings add elegance and colour to your backyard. If you install retractable awnings, you can control the amount of shade by extending and retracting them according to the intensity of sunlight or shade you require. As they block heat from entering your home, you save a lot on summer AC bills.


Pergolas are perfect to use in areas that receive lot of sun. They do not block sunlight completely but provide comfort on summer days. To cut down the blinding rays of the rising sun, hang high-quality screens or curtains. The open roof of a pergola may not provide the kind of shelter you want, so for more shade cover the roof with a tarpaulin sheet. As a pergola is a free-standing element, you can design and decorate it the way you want. If you go for a classic wooden pergola, it adds a traditional touch to your backyard at a reasonable cost.

Fabric Canopy

As canopies block approximately 99% of hazardous UV rays, they are a good choice to add shade to your backward. Top-notch polycarbonate or tensile fabric canopies let you enjoy your backyard even on the sunniest days. Besides direct sunlight, they also protect you from heavy rain. You can build a canopy without spending a lot, and they are easy to maintain. They also prevent your furniture, carpets and drapes from fading thanks to UV rays. Canopies also beautifully blend indoors and outdoors and boost the overall look of your backyard.

Pop-Up Canopy

A pop-up canopy is the best choice if you do not like shade all the time in your outdoor space. Instead, you can simply set it up and take it down as required. If you organize an event in your backyard, you can include more shades as per your needs. Large pop-up canopies are available for rent, so use them to celebrate your special occasions. If you need a pop-up canopy regularly, install one permanently in your backyard. As they are lightweight, you can easily carry them from place to place.


If you want permanent shade and a cosy environment in your backyard, a gazebo makes sense. Besides protecting you from rain and hazardous sunlight, it provides an open-air environment to have coffee every morning or relax with your family. For more openness, you can build no or very low walls of approximately three to four feet tall. Experiment with shapes to make your gazebo look different from your neighbours. Add screened walls to let in air and sound but keep mosquitos far away.

Permanent Roof

When it comes to adding shade in your backyard, a permanent roof is the costliest option but is worth the investment. It lasts longer than other choices, adds significant value to your property and provides maximum protection from harsh sunlight and heavy rain. It adequately protects your flooring, furniture and other items kept in the area. As it prevents dust from entering your home, you do not need to sweep as often to keep your property neat and clean.

By installing the right kind of shade in your backyard, you can get the amount of protection you need from harmful sunrays. Besides that, shade also adds comfort, privacy and beauty to your outdoor space. Keep in mind the above-mentioned ideas to bring shade to your outdoor space and boost the overall appearance of your property.

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