Essential Features Every Modern Patio Needs

Posted By: admin on 9 Oct, 2019

Are you sick of the cold weather and grey skies? Do you long for summer when the world looks happy and colourful? Do you dream of that perfect backyard where you can relax, rejoice, party or simply spend some quiet time with yourself? If your patio isn’t your ideal place to hang out and needs a little summer makeover, this blog should prove helpful.

Things You Can’t Miss When Planning Your Modern Patio Décor

Your backyard isn’t just some piece of land lying behind your home. When designed thoughtfully, it can become your personal retreat from the daily hustle of life. In this blog, we shall cover the top 10 must-have items for modern backyards.

  1. 1. A Cozy Hammock

Whether you are inside or out in nature, you need a place to relax after a long tiring day. And what better way to do that than by hanging a cozy hammock in your backyard? Just throw on some pillows, choose a good book and your new favourite lounge area is all set! Or lie down, plug in your earphones and enjoy a glass of fine wine. Hang the swing between two trees or use a hammock stand, then add some mood lighting (in the trees, pergola or swing stand) for some cozy evening delight.

  1. 2. A Toasty Fire Pit

Outdoor Fire Pits

Who says home décor is all about the interiors? While winter is perfect for staying indoors and soaking up the cozy warmth of a fireplace, spring and summer is all about enjoying outdoor fire pits. Imagine watching flames from an open fireplace, drinks in hand under an open starlit sky. You can either go for a traditional round construction or invest in a long, rectangular fire pit. Either way adds a unique ambience to your backyard and makes outdoor living more fun.

  1. 3. A Sensuous Spa Corner

A hot tub not only relieves stress and increases blood flow but also transforms your outdoor space into a tranquil spa. You can either vault your hot tub to give it a custom in-ground look or build a high deck/platform around it, with stairs for easy access. So, turn on those jets, put on your swimsuit and soak in the divine bliss of your personalized spa treatment.

  1. 4. A BBQ Griller and Smoker

Outdoor parties and BBQs go hand in hand. You will enjoy the outdoor activity, you don’t need to clean the kitchen, and it’s an easy and engaging way to prepare good food for your family and friends. A BBQ griller-smoker allows you to grill, roast, smoke, bake and braise whatever food item you desire. The best thing about it is that because it’s portable so can be used anywhere you want.

  1. 5. An Outdoor Theater System

Take your outdoor living experience to a new level with an outdoor theatre system. Many of us have childhood memories of drive-in movies. While these are no longer popular, you can recreate this memory with a backyard theater system. For this, you need a few things: a projector, a screen to project your favourite movies, a sound system and comfortable seats to lounge in. And don’t forget to gorge on your favourite popcorn!

  1. 6. Comfortable Furniture

Choosing the right patio furniture according to weather conditions

When choosing patio furniture, you focus on aesthetics, comfort and functionality. You should also make sure that it is built to withstand natural hazards as outdoor furniture is exposed to different weather conditions. For example, hot and dry weather can cause wooden furniture to crack, while a heavy storm can send lightweight plastic flying. Even metal furniture can corrode due to constant humidity or exposure to moisture. That is why it is important to consider weather before choosing patio furniture material.

Stay tuned for the concluding part of this post, which will cover other interesting items like bar carts, lights, plants and more.

7. Sun Blocking Products

It is important to consider the need for outdoor shade, especially in summer. From providing enough shelter from the sun to enlivening your patio environment, shades are an essential and inexpensive item for your outdoor décor. While the sun is a great source of vitamin D, long-term exposure to ultraviolet radiation can harm your health. So, make sure that you have some shade on your patio, courtesy of an umbrella, a pergola, a covered gazebo or some trees to block out harmful sun.

8. Decorative Accents

Just as in your bedroom and living room, your outdoor furniture looks incomplete without the right accessories, like lanterns, weather resistant pillows, tabletop décor and outdoor rugs. A grand outdoor fountain and brightly colored pillows can create a picture-perfect look that is sure to impress visitors. Plus, adding colourful accent pillows or cushions can provide a playful touch of contrasting colour against neutral coloured furniture. You can also add bird baths, garden statues and outdoor wall art to create a completely unique outdoor environment.

Patio Decorative Lights

9. Decorative Lights

BBQs, outdoor parties and get-togethers often extend well into the evening, which makes outdoor lights an absolute must. From pretty string lights and hand-painted lanterns to LED lights, there are many lighting options to make your patio look bright, dramatic and cozy. Lanterns are a great décor option because they are portable, easy to set up, energy efficient and affordable. Depending on the look you want and the amount of light you need, you can choose lanterns that use either candles or LED lights. You can also create a statement look by using orbs and spheres throughout your backyard – hang them individually or use them in clusters (on the ground/trees) to set a mystical vibe. You can also go for illuminated flower pots that serve as both plant holders and light sources.

10. Luscious Greenery

An integral part of any outdoor décor scheme, greenery adds life and vibrancy that you can’t get from anything else. Bring colour and texture to your backyard with a variety of plants, both potted and hanging. Outdoor climbing plants, like wisteria, clematis and honeysuckle, add privacy and turn your patio into a visual treat. They require minimum maintenance and provide shade in summer. Sweet-smelling houseplants like gardenia, citrus blossom and begonia add both colour and fragrance to your outdoor space.

11. Bar Carts

If you are gearing up for an outdoor party or get-together, a bar cart is a must. You can easily roll it outdoors, keeping drinks and snacks within arm’s reach. Available in both metal and wooden varieties, bar carts are as much about décor as functionality. A towel hanging on the side, colourful linens and a pretty plant or flower bouquet make perfect additions to a bar cart for your guests to enjoy.

12. Bluetooth Speakers

Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

If you are hosting a BBQ or a backyard pool party, you can’t do without some good music. Choosing outdoor Bluetooth speakers that both look and sound great will help you create the perfect outdoor atmosphere. Wireless rechargeable speakers are easy to use everywhere, whether you’re partying outdoors, doing your regular garden chores or simply chilling indoors.

As the sky turns blue and weather gets cozy, the sun lures you outdoors to enjoy the beauty of nature. This means lots of outdoor fun, pool parties, BBQs, sumptuous dinners and chilled beer. It’s time to check on your long-forgotten backyard and give it a good makeover. Use these easy-to-apply tips to create a modern, attractive patio that will also stand the test of time.

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