4 Essentials to Create a Romantic Garden Space

Posted By: admin on 28 Mar, 2018

Garden Furniture

A garden is a dynamic space that can be used in a variety of ways. It can act as a dining area for an al fresco meal, a kitchen to celebrate a BBQ party and an extended living area to spend time with your family while enjoying the scenic beauty of nature. Another excellent way of using your garden space is to create a romantic getaway and surprise your better half.
Your garden offers the ability to experiment with space and make the most of the wonderful surrounding to create an inviting, cosy and romantic area. The best way to implement this is by accentuating your garden with some wonderful elements that are necessary to transform it into a romantic paradise. Here are 4 essentials you’ll need.

  • A Comfortable Seating Arrangement

The first thing to include in your romantic getaway is a cosy seating arrangement where you and your partner can relax. Choose a timeless piece of garden furniture such as a loveseat, a swinging chair hanging from a large tree, an outdoor chaise lounger or a conversation set. If you’re planning a romantic date in your garden when the weather is quite cold, then you can add a fire pit as well to make the environment more comfortable. Dress up your seating arrangement with soft throws and cushions in pastel colours that add to the mood.

  • Calm Lighting

Lighting plays a crucial role in setting the romantic mood. Decorate your garden area with string lights to give a calm appeal to your garden space. If you have arranged your garden furniture under a gazebo or pergola, then you can make full use of that space by dressing it up with string lights wrapped like vines along the pillars. Scented candles and tea lights are also great additions to create a romantic atmosphere. Put them near your loveseat or on the coffee table and let your romantic evening get drenched in beautiful candlelight.

  • A Water Feature

A water feature in your garden is an essential element that pleases the senses and makes the atmosphere more peaceful and inviting. The view and sound of the trickling water have a soothing effect that automatically brings serenity to your outdoor space. Aquatic items such as a small fountain, a water wall or a small pond are excellent additions that accessorize your outdoors and add to the romantic appeal of your garden space.

  • Aromatic Flowers

Give a pop of colours and natural aromas to your outdoor space by adding beautiful flowers. They add instant appeal and enhance the natural beauty of your home’s outdoor area. Plant fragrant flowers such as roses, camellia, peonies and bell snowdrops in your garden or in pots and fill your romantic evening with pleasant fragrances that add to the wonderful ambience.

Transform your ordinary garden into a romantic getaway by adding these essentials to your outdoor area. A comfortable seating arrangement with timeless garden furniture, a soothing water feature, wonderful lighting and fragrant flowers when combined together create magic. Make the most of these must-haves by bringing them to your garden and adding romance to your outdoor space.

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