4 Fabulous Patio Accessories to Remake Your Outdoor Space

Posted By: admin on 12 Oct, 2017

A cozy and stylish outdoor space becomes an ideal setting for having fun and entertainment during pleasant weather. If you’re thinking of giving your patio an instant makeover, then read on as we’ve put together some simple ideas to help you achieve it. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how you can incorporate some interesting patio accessories to enhance the look and functionality of the space.

  • Patterned Fabrics

As a homeowner, unless you’re looking to create a similar style for both indoor and outdoor, then you can experiment with contrast patterns for visual interest. Use cottage style pillows and cushions in bright floral prints on your monochrome patio lounge chairs and seating.

Another way to do it is to keep the patterns the same when it comes to cushions, pillows and rugs. Considering black and white stripes will add drama, sophistication and a beautiful contrast to the overall outdoor space. It’ll instantly spruce up the look and feel of your patio.

  • Decor Accents

It’s actually very simple to transform the way your patio looks. Some small additions to your existing furniture in the patio can enhance their appearance. For example, if you have a patio dining table or breakfast table, choose elegant vases, candle stands, and table covers to decorate it. If you have an outdoor bar, select elegant stemware and glassware that complements your decor style. Add stylish accent tables, tea carts, console tables, garbage bins, etc. that suit your design preferences.

  • Flowers and Plants

An outdoor patio is an ideal place for cultivating your gardening spirit. Place beautiful potted plants and flowers in and around the patio. You can also work out an old bench and use it as a potting station to have fresh blooms within your reach. You can also work on a colour scheme for your flowerbeds depending on the colour scheme you use for your furniture and other patio decor. Flowers and plants offer exceptional texture and definition to the edges of your patio.

It’s also a great idea to follow the colour schemes of your blooms and plants when selecting the colour scheme for your furniture. For example, choose green cushions, purple pillows, and orange for table accents, and other tabletop decor items.

  • Shade

If you have a shadeless outdoor space, you can add a fashionable umbrella canopy to make a functional style statement. Not only will it block too much sun from entering and save your patio furniture from damage and fading, but also grab the attention of your guests with its style and comfort. If you’re opting for striped patterns for your pillows, cushions, and rugs, choose a fetching striped umbrella shade to jazz up your outdoor setting. Make sure to choose the umbrella fabric in a colour scheme that complements the rest of your patio.

Make use of these accessories to give your patio an instant style lift. Once you create the desired look, you’ll love how enjoyable, entertaining, and a stylish corner it becomes for you and your guests. For more ideas on accessorizing patio, check out Pinterest.

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