4 Hottest Spring Trends for Your Patio

Posted By: admin on 9 Mar, 2018

Patio Furniture

With just a couple of weeks left for spring to arrive, it’s a good time to spruce up your patio for the new season. Every year, landscape designers provide suggestions on the latest outdoor trends to decorate backyards to their full potential. This spring season, it’s all about creating a vibrant and relaxing space out of your patios or decks and making it more fun and exciting.

In today’s blog post, we’ll share some of the hottest spring design trends for your outdoor living spaces.

  • Create an Alfresco Area

Most parts of Ontario see rain during spring and the nights are usually cool. Creating an alfresco area in your patio is, therefore, a great idea. An alfresco area outdoors means a room with a lined ceiling that you can use all year round and which functions like an ideal extension of your indoors. If you don’t have a covered patio, you can install louvred roofs to get complete protection from rain. Just at the push of a button, you can transform the space instantly without having to move your family or friends indoors due to harsh weather conditions, be it rain or an intense sun. You can treat the covered area with decorative lights, grilling and barbecuing areas, dining and relaxing seating areas to create an ultimate outdoor living experience.

  • Update Fire Features

A spring patio isn’t complete without a good outdoor fireplace or a fire pit. Fireplaces easily become a focal point as they attract people around it. You can expect to spend a lot more time with your friends outside when you have a fireplace. Hang a TV above the fireplace or decorate the wall above with artwork to make the area even more pleasing and entertaining.

However, it may not be always feasible to have a fireplace outdoors depending on your local laws. In such a case, you can recreate the charm of a fireplace with an updated fire pit in your patio that can serve almost the same purpose. Look out for unique shapes instead of regular round pits or fire pits on casters.

  • Use Oversized Cushions and Throw Pillows

One of the hottest trends this spring to jazz patio furniture is to use oversized accessories such as cushions and throw pillows. However, make sure that they’re designed for the outdoors. Choose weather-friendly fabrics in bright and bold colours such as aqua, lime green, fuchsia, deep purples, blues, jewel tones, etc. You can also opt for fun patterns that match with the rest of your patio decor and surroundings.

  • Comfortable Patio Furniture

Outdoor furniture that’s attractive and comfortable like indoor furniture is the latest trend. Get rid of your weather-beaten or worn out wicker furniture and opt for stylish upholstered patio furniture. You can also mix and match different styles of furniture to give your outdoor space a refreshing and unique touch. Select from a wide range of conversational seating, lounge chairs, sectional collections, dining sets and hammocks.

Now that you know some of the hottest spring trends for outdoor spaces, try them out on your patio. If you’re looking for durable patio furniture in latest styles, awnings, louvred roofs, shades, and umbrellas for your patio, contact Sunguard. We serve in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, and across the GTA.

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