4 Interesting DIYs to Transform Your Backyard

Posted By: admin on 8 Oct, 2018

A backyard is a place with a lot of décor opportunities. You can maximize its space and make it more interesting with a few simple additions. It allows you to be creative and customize your outdoor space according to your needs. Apart from attractive outdoor furniture, you can add some interesting details with do-it-yourself projects that are both budget-friendly and functional.

In today’s blog post, our backyard specialists have compiled four DIYs that you can incorporate in your backyard to give it an eye-catching appearance.

  • A Fire Pit

Lush green environment, comfortable sectionals and a warm fire pit are the perfect additions to create a cozy outdoor space. If you have relaxing patio furniture for sitting but can afford expensive fire pits, then create one with inexpensive quarry rock, gravel and a little mortar. Select an area where you want to build your fire pit, create an outline of the shape you want for your fire pit and remove the soil from the ground (pit’s depth should be according to your needs). Digging a deep pit prevents the embers of burning fire from jumping out, but make sure it not too deep or else it will be inconvenient for you to light a fire. Remove grass from the outer area of the pit to create seating space and lay layers of limestone screenings to form a strong base. Use mixed size flat rock, set the largest stone at the base for building a stone wall of the fire pit and build up from there with the remaining rocks. Lastly, fill the gaps with mortar to stack the wall in place. Your fire pit is ready!

If you want a detailed tutorial for building a fire pit, click here.

  • Window Boxes

Make the most of the windows that open to your backyard by adding beautiful window boxes. You can use these do-it-yourself boxes to decorate your windows with fresh blooms such as seasonal flowers and perennials or lush shrubs like succulents. They are easy to make and require only basic tools to construct. All you need is a window box liner, a cedar fence panel and some tools. Go through this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to make it.

  • Wire Basket Side Table

If you want to revamp your backyard’s appearance without buying new patio furniture, then create a side table with things that you might have thought are useless. You can get a laundry basket of wire from a yard sale for a couple of dollars and use an old wood panel to get a chic side table for your backyard. Paint the wire basket in the desired colour and stain the wood panel to make it look like new. Once the paint dries, use cable stables to attach the panel on the top of the basket. This versatile side table can be used as a décor item and also to display potted plants. Click here to read about the detailed DIY project.

  • Mason Jar Lights

Get over traditional outdoor lamps and footlights options. It is time to make a statement and give your backyard a new look with mason jar lights. Use a handful of mismatched empty mason jars and drill two opposite holes on the top edge of each jar ring. Take clock chains and attach them to the jar bands using pliers to create hanging handles. Make sure that the clock chain is sturdy for holding the jar’s weight. Fill jars halfway with water and drop tea lights to create a floating effect. Hang them in clusters near your seating area to give an inviting feel to your outdoor space. Go to through the complete tutorial here.

These interesting DIY projects are perfect to transform your backyard from blah to beautiful. Use your creativity to take these projects to the next level and customize them to make your backyard more attractive and unique. To learn more about backyard décor, contact us or visit our outdoor furniture store in Mississauga.

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