5 Attractive Climbing Plants for Your Pergola

Posted By: admin on 22 Jun, 2017

Pergolas are an excellent addition to enhance the beauty of an outdoor space. They act as a focal point and allow you to decorate your garden or patio creatively. Their open frameworks and flat crossbeams with pillars look captivating when accessorized with beautiful climbing plants.

Climbing plants add privacy and turn your pergolas into a visual treat. These plants don’t require much care and provide an incredible cover to the structure thus offering shade in the summer.

If you have a pergola in your garden or lawn, then here are 5 attractive climbing plants to cover the structure.

Wisteria Plant

Image Credit: almanac.com

  • Wisteria

Wisteria is a popular ornamental plant. It climbs by twining its stem against a strong support. The purple, pink or white coloured leaves look beautiful when they climb from the pergola. It is extremely luscious and provides complete shade from the harsh summer sun. The flowers bloom in mid to late summer in some American species and in spring in some Asian species.

Clematis Plant

Image Credit: HGTV.com

  • Clematis

Clematis is an easy-to-grow climber that starts blooming in early spring. This vine plant can be combined with other climbing varieties to create a colourful structure. It grows so quickly that within one season your pergola will be covered with a flush of pale pink flowers. An annual prune is enough to care for this beautiful creeper.

Honeysuckle Plant

Image Credit: Pinterest.com

  • Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle or woodbine is named after the edible sweet nectar obtained from its flowers. The fragrance of this vine is so tempting that hummingbirds get attracted to it. It grows rapidly and can cover the whole structure easily. The tubular flowers are a treat to the eyes and provide a white coverage to the pergola.

Jasmine Plant

Image Credit: newwallpapershd.com

  • Jasmine

Jasmine is famous for its characteristic fragrance. The flowers are white or yellow coloured and bloom in clusters of three flowers. It blooms throughout the year in warm and humid climates, though growth is restricted to once a year in cooler areas. If you want to fill your garden with a strong aroma, this beautifully smelling vine plant is ideal to create an incredible structure in your garden.

Morning Glory Plant

Image Credit: wallpapersin4k.net

  • Morning Glory

Morning glory, as the name suggests, blooms in the early morning. It spreads quickly and can create a blanket over your pergola by transforming it into a mini-garden. The main attraction of this creeper is its superb display of blue, red, white, pink and purple flowers that bloom from summer to autumn. ‘Heavenly Blue’ is the most popular variety of this climber.

Turn your pergolas from blah to beautiful by covering them with these beautiful and attractive climbing plants. They are easy to grow, require little maintenance and spread quickly while offering fragrance, flowers and greenery. These vine plants not only add colours to your outdoor space, but also create a shady place for you to relax while enjoying the natural beauty of your garden.

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