5 Best Types of Wood to Make Outdoor Furniture

Posted By: admin on 12 Mar, 2019

Wood is a popular choice for making outdoor furniture because of its comfort and sleek appearance. But not every wood is suitable for patio or garden furniture. You have to be careful in choosing the perfect option that can withstand different elements in the outdoor and last long. The wood should be able to prevent moisture, resist rotting and look good year-round. Now the question is – which is the perfect wood for outdoor use?

Fear not! To answer your question, we have compiled five of the best types of wood used for making outdoor furniture. Go through each of them to find out the most suitable one for your garden or patio furniture.

1) Teak

Teak is the preferred wood type for making deck or patio furniture pieces. Although it is an expensive material, yet it is a great investment because of its longevity, weather-resistance and minimal maintenance. Teak wood doesn’t decay or rot and is resistant to termite and pest. The light honey brown colour and straight grain pattern add to the beauty of your outdoor furniture. If left untreated, the colour turns to dull grey but the silvery appearance looks elegant and enhances the overall look of the furniture. The best bet to keep it like new is to brush it with teak oil or teak sealer.

2) Cedar

Cedarwood is one of the popular options for patio furniture, especially the Northern White and Western Red varieties of wood. Traditionally used in boat making, this type of wood has been embraced by the furniture industry because it is lightweight and resistant to warping and splitting. Its interesting grain pattern makes furniture attractive and the strong scent of the wood repels pests and termites. However, it is not as long lasting as teak and requires proper care (coating of protective oil) to survive outdoor conditions. It can be considered as a less expensive alternative to teak.

3) Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is an equally long-lasting wood for outdoor furniture as teak. It is a fast-growing, renewable material which is both budget-friendly and attractive, unlike teak wood which is not readily available. It is easy to care as an annual application of water-based acrylic sealant will keep it in good shape for several years. This wood type has a fragrant oil that helps resist moisture and its density also allows it to withstand rot and decay. If you want the beauty of teak but at one-third its cost, then eucalyptus is your most suitable choice for making outdoor chairs and tables.

4) Redwood

Redwood is another great choice for garden benches, Adirondack chairs and patio chairs that will never disappoint you. It is a softwood featuring straight grains and a subtle light wheat colour. It contains tannins that help in resisting decay or rot. Also, it is durable and weathers well while accentuating the furniture with a deep brown colour. This wood type provides stability to outdoor furniture and doesn’t shrink or warp. To maintain redwood furniture, periodical application of sealant, stain and preserver will do. If you choose to leave it unsealed, the tannins present in the wood can stain your furniture upholstery or your clothes when you sit on them.

Redwood garden benches_700x500

5) Cypress

The legendary beauty and natural durability of cypress make it a perfect choice for garden or patio furniture. It contains cypressene, a natural preservative oil, that resists both rot and insects, thus making it an ideal for coastal locations with humidity and constant heat. It features golden brown to reddish brown colour and the knot-free straight grains add to the amazing appearance of this wood. It is capable of withstanding the outdoor elements and stays in good shape with a periodic coat of oil.

Tips for Upkeep of Wooden Outdoor Furniture

  • Put furniture cover when not in use
  • Clean with a mild soapy solution or a moistened cloth
  • Gently scrub with a soft brush in the direction of the wood grain to remove challenging stains
  • Never leave the furniture untreated or else it will develop a weathered patina
  • Reapply sealants every year depending on the weather conditions and wear and tear
  • Consult the patio furniture store representative to know the recommended products for maintenance


Finding the perfect wood for outdoor patio furniture depends on the weather conditions of the area you live in, your budget and other requirements. Make sure you consider all points and evaluate features of each type of wood before making the purchase. The above-mentioned list features some of the best options you can choose, but the final decision is yours.

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