5 Charming Porch Décor Ideas to Welcome the New Year

Posted By: admin on 12 Dec, 2017

The front porch is the connection between the outside world and your indoors. It often creates the first impression of your house for passersby. Therefore, when it comes to New Year decorations, you should focus on your porch decoration to make it look more beautiful and inviting. In today’s post, we’ll give you some interesting porch décor ideas to make it ready for the celebrations.

  • Hang Dramatic Garlands

Simple evergreen garlands can instantly add visual interest to your front porch. Enrich the charm of the garlands with decorative red tassels, ribbons, tinsels, and gold embellishments to provide an enhanced festive look to them. If you’re fond of the rustic style, include pine cones and dried berries to the garlands. You can also pair up evergreen garlands along with silver and gold garlands to decorate your porch.

  • Put Up Lights

A beautifully lit front porch will enhance the festive look of your entire house. Choose coloured lights to decorate the columns, pillars, arches, railings, wreaths, garlands to create a whimsical effect. You can also put up lights throughout the frame of your entrance door.

  • Use Metallic Props

Metallic props are ideal accessories as New Year decorations. Hang over-sized decorative metallic balls throughout the porch roof. Place bronze coloured or bright gold coloured planters on both sides of the entrance door and fill them with dried plants. Put up some glittery stars on the roof that will enhance the look of the garlands.

  • Place Holiday Plants

Colourful holiday plants like poinsettias can also transform the look of your porch. Dress them up with lights and place them on your porch. You can also place small Christmas trees decorated with ribbons, bows, lights, and various types of embellishments beside the door or near the railings.

  • Restyle Your Porch Furniture

Making a few changes to your seating area can also perk up your porch instantly. Throw in bright red and green cushions to complement with holiday colours. You can also shop for new patio furniture before or after Christmas, if your existing ones have started showing signs of ageing. Pick your style of conversational seating, lounge chairs, benches, and outdoor dining sets.

A great outdoor display sets the perfect mood for welcoming your friends and guests during your New Year celebrations. Follow these suggestions when you decorate your front porch and increase the visual appeal of your home.

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