5 Fabulous Ways to Decorate Your Patio This Fall

Posted By: admin on 3 Oct, 2018

The fall is here and Nature is at her prettiest! It’s a great season to party and enjoy creating wonderful moments with your family and friends. When you have an entertaining outdoor space like a patio, this is the perfect time to revamp and make the most of this area.

In today’s blog post, we’ll share some simple yet amazing ways to decorate your patio to make it ready for autumn. Whether you want to transform it into a personal space or create an exciting hang-out area to enjoy with your loved ones, read on to get some inspiration.

  • Get a Fall Colour Scheme for Your Patio

Experiment with warm colours such as red, orange, yellow, and cool shades such as purple and blue. Together, they characterize nature during the fall season. You can also consider festivities like Thanksgiving if you want to create theme-based patio décor. If you want to re-use old pieces, turn it into a DIY and paint the floor and outdoor furniture in these colours. Add some throw pillows, cushions, and blankets that complement the scheme to make the entire patio area visually inviting. The idea is to incorporate the spirit of fall into your outdoor space.

  • Add Flowers and Planters

There are several flowers that bloom and thrive during this time of the year that you can use to decorate your backyard. Flowers like Chinese and Japanese Bellflower grow best during autumn and are perfect to beautify your fall patio. Include fall coloured roses, lilies, irises, daisies, carnations, berries, and lush greens to brighten up your space. Give your patio pots a fresh new look by replacing your drooping summer plants with some colourful autumn stunners and foliage.

  • Add a Fire Pit

The chill in the air calls for a fire pit, as it helps make the outdoor environment warm and cozy. It’s perfect for gatherings and cooking food over the flames. You can sit and enjoy your time with your loved ones even when the temperatures drop. Arrange your seating in a circle near the area to make the most of it. If you have kids in the family and you haven’t had time to take them camping, you can transform this space into an at-home camp-ground. Bring out sleeping bags, a tent, and roast marshmallows over the flames to bring the spirit into your backyard.

  • Replace Outdoor Patio Furniture

Make your outdoor area more comfortable with new patio furniture sets. This season is one of the best times to spend out on the patio with your loved ones. Add some stylish conversation seating, chairs and benches to ensure you have enough space for your loved ones to sit back and relax. If you have plans for outdoor gatherings, include a dining set that complements the rest of your patio decor.

  • Install Lights

Transform your patio into a magical area in the evening by installing strings of twinkling lights. You can hang them on your fence, in the trees, bushes, pots or other elements in your patio. Place tea lights or lanterns on the main and side tables to create a beautiful soft ambience. You can also light up the walkway that leads to your patio.

It’s fun and exciting to decorate your outdoor space for the fall. A few changes can transform the appearance of your yard. Make the most of this idyllic season with these patio decorating ideas and inspire your neighbours! Contact Sunguard if you’re looking for the best patio furniture in Toronto.

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