5 Secrets to Creating the Perfect Patio Furniture Arrangement

Posted By: admin on 9 Apr, 2018

Patio Furniture

A patio is an extended area of your house that can be used in a number of ways. It works as an additional room where you can relax and enjoy your leisure time. However, the utility, comfort and aesthetics of your patio largely depend on your furniture collection and how well you arrange it.

If you have an unattended patio in your home which you want to transform into a perfect outdoor entertaining area, then its time to accentuate it with a thoughtful furniture arrangement to make the most of it.

Here are 5 secrets to achieving the perfect patio furniture arrangement.

  • Determine the Purpose of Your Patio

Before arranging the furniture, identify the activities you want to enjoy on your patio. For example, if you want to use your patio as an extended living room, the arrangement should be symmetrical to get that formal look. On the contrary, if you’ll use your patio for recreational purposes, the arrangement should be asymmetrical to create a casual and quirky look. Decide how you intend to use your patio and then choose the type of furniture and its arrangement.

  • Assess Your Patio Space and Make a Layout

Evaluate the patio space you want to use and create a layout where you’ll place the furniture. This is essential to ensure that you get the right-sized furniture for the space you have. Make sure you take measurements of the area and keep the traffic flow in mind.

  • Decide on a Focal Point

A rule of thumb for arranging furniture in any room is to create a focal point that anchors the room décor. Decide on a central point for your patio and arrange your furniture pieces accordingly. The focal point will be the primary gathering spot where the main part of your furniture collection will be placed.

For instance, if you’ll be using your patio as a living room, your sofa or coffee table will be the centre of attraction and all other items should be organised around it.

  • Make a Conversation Area

While placing the furniture items around the focal point, focus on making a conversation area so that people sitting in the patio area can look at each other and talk. Put chairs and other seating items around the big piece to facilitate conversation. Make sure that you leave space between two pieces and make a clear, unobstructed path for reaching the seats. This will ease congestion and provide a smooth flow of traffic.

  • Divide the Area into Sections

Instead of putting all furniture items in one place and leaving a large part of the patio empty, divide the area into sections to create multiple smaller arrangements. This will make your patio area more dynamic and functional and will help you maximize your outdoor living space. You can dedicate one area for seating arrangements and other for cooking. In the same way, you can organise an outdoor fireplace at one end and an entertainment unit at the other end.

Remember that your patio furniture arrangement should be in accordance with the functionality and comfort of your outdoor space. You can experiment with the placement to give your patio a new look. The above-mentioned secrets can help you create an ideal patio, specially designed to create a relaxing place where you can spend some ‘me-time’. Implement them in your patio design to give it a new life.

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