5 Tips to Keep Your Patio or Deck in Good Shape

Posted By: admin on 4 Sep, 2018

The appearance of your patio or deck plays a vital role in making or breaking the curb appeal of your home. If you don’t keep your outdoor space in good shape, then it will end up looking weary and layered with weed and dust. We understand that season cleaning and maintenance can be intimidating for some people, but the upkeep of your deck or patio will help enhance the overall beauty of your property.

If you haven’t cleaned your outdoor space in a while, then this blog post will teach you five tips to keep your deck or patio in good shape.

  • Sweep and Brush Regularly to Remove Dirt and Debris

Brushing and sweeping the deck or patio regularly is necessary to remove the dirt and debris sitting on the surface. Make sure that you remove debris from under and around your patio furniture, planters and other outdoor accessories. If you don’t get rid of piles of wet leaves and other debris, then they can trap moisture and promote the development of mold. Also, they can stain concrete patios and wood decks.

  • Get Rid of Weeds from Pavements and Joints

Weed is an unwanted guest in your patio or deck, which is hard to avoid at some point. Leaving the outdoor space unattended for a long time or not keeping the patio clean often leads to the growth of weed. They mostly grow roots in the joints between the slabs of your pavement. You need to regularly treat resistant perennial weeds, as they will continue to resurface consistently. Remove weeds using your hands or spot treat them with weed killers or herbicides to destroy them from the roots.

  • Rearrange Your Patio Furniture Once a Year

If you live in a mildew-prone area, then it’s important to rearrange your garden or patio furniture at least once a year. The furnishings and rugs tend to trap moisture underneath. If you keep them at the same place throughout the year, then it can promote mildew formation. As a result, it will take away the beauty of your deck or patio. In addition, it can also negatively affect your health and cause headaches, coughing and difficulty breathing.

  • Close the Umbrella When Not in Use

Leaving the umbrella open when it’s not in use will accumulate dirt and droppings from trees and birds, which can cause stains. If you close the umbrella after you are finished, then it will save you from a cleaning headache at the end of the season. Just take some extra time to either close or cover the umbrella and see the difference it will make.

  • Check Periodically for Rot Signs, Nail Pops, and Other Issues

A periodic check for nail pops, split wood and missing boards on your wood deck is necessary to keep your outdoor space in good shape. If you spot any structural problems in the wood, then fix them promptly to avoid further damage. Wood is a natural material and can warp or split because of weather change. So, checking and fixing the stress points will help prevent bigger problems in the future.

With proper care and regular maintenance, your patio or backyard can become a beautiful getaway for your weekends or an excellent venue for BBQ’s and late-night parties. Follow the above-mentioned tips to keep your deck in good shape. Once you are done, decorate it with high-quality outdoor furniture and shade products from Sunguard Awnings & Patio Furniture. We offer branded patio sets at affordable prices.

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