6 Amazing Décor Ideas to Transform Your Swimming Pool Area

Posted By: admin on 11 Jun, 2018

A stunning swimming pool area is a dream come true in the summer season. From taking a refreshing dip in the water to basking in the sun while sipping your favourite drink, a well-decorated poolside is a perfect way to spend your summertime. Also, it is an excellent spot to throw a barbeque party. There are endless options to use your swimming pool area provided you decorate it with the proper outdoor accessories.

If you want to make the most of this season by relaxing near your swimming pool, then here’s a list of six amazing décor ideas to transform your ordinary pool area into a magical summer oasis.

  • Install Trendy Wicker Patio Furniture

Wicker patio furniture is the latest backyard décor trend. Incorporate this trend by adding some beautiful wicker conversation sets and chaise lounges to your pool area and spruce up the overall appeal of your backyard. Also, an elegant seating arrangement is essential to enhance the functionality of your poolside. You can relax by the pool while sitting on the stylish conversation set and this seating arrangement is a big plus when you throw a poolside party.

  • Build a Classic Gazebo

Outdoor gazebos are a timeless addition that perfectly create a tranquil pool setting. Gazebos provide a covered space to relax and enjoy the poolside view. This wonderful structure will act as a peaceful reprise while protecting you from the sun, giving a versatile space that can be used as a dining area for you and your guests.

  • Place a Stylish Ice Bin Side Table

A chilled can of beer or a glass of cold wine while you take a dip in the water on a hot summer day is what heaven feels like. Turn this dream into reality by placing an ice bin side table near your swimming pool. This functional and stylish piece will keep your drinks icy cold and act as an excellent addition to make a statement.

  • Hang a Comfortable Hammock

Give an inviting appeal to your pool area by adding a comfortable hammock. Choose from a variety of colours and patterns to create a cozy space which is both practical and attractive. This beach-inspired décor idea will transform your pool area into a coastal paradise and some throw pillows will give it a complete look.

  • Add a Beautiful Waterfall Feature

Take your swimming pool’s beauty to the next level by adding a stunning waterfall feature. It will bring a touch of tranquility and create a meditative environment in your outdoor space. The sound of the falling water and the reflection of the blue sky on the water surface will perfectly complement the lush greenery in your backyard. A water wall, similar to a waterfall, is also a great aquatic addition to beautify your pool area.

  • Decorate with String Lights

Give a magical touch to your pool area by decorating it with string lights. Don’t use them as the main source of light but relish their glittering starlight effect in the evening. This cost-effective addition is an excellent way to transform your pool area into an enchanting and romantic space. The starry reflection of these lights on the water surface is sure to mesmerize you.

Take inspiration from the above-mentioned décor ideas and create an exquisite pool area worth admiring. It will not only upgrade your lawn but also enhance your home’s overall appeal. Sunguard Awnings & Patio Furniture, the backyard specialists, can help you with your poolside decor.

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