6 Reasons to Install Retractable Awnings

Posted By: admin on 21 Aug, 2017

Retractable awnings are a versatile addition to your outdoor living space. Whether you want protection from the sun or to enhance the visual appeal of your backyard or patio, retractable awnings serve multiple purposes.

If you don’t have a retractable awning in your outdoor space, then here are 6 reasons to install one.

  • Protect from Adverse Weather Conditions

Retractable awnings are a great way of providing protection to you and your patio furniture from adverse weather conditions. You can relax in your backyard even if it’s sunny or raining.

  • Flexible in Operation

The most important feature of a retractable awning is its flexibility. Be it a motorized awning or a manual one, you can conveniently open or close it as per your need. For example, during the summer you can extend it for protection and shade while during the winter you can retract it for some extra light and heat.

  • Beautiful Addition to Any Outdoor Space

Retractable awnings are both practical and stylish. They add to the beauty of your outdoor space with their modern features. You can choose from a variety of designs, colours and quality to match with your patio furniture and décor.

  • Save on Energy Cost

Installing retractable awnings helps you save on your energy bills and shrink your carbon footprint. They block sunlight from reaching your home’s interiors during the summer, thus decreasing your dependence on air conditioning. Similarly, during the winter they allow more light to flow in, thus reducing the use of your home’s heating system.

  • Long Lasting

Unlike traditional awnings, retractable awnings are more durable and stronger. Where your traditional awnings get twisted or torn due to heavy rains, harsh sun rays and storms, retractable awnings are less likely to get damaged, thus offering value for your money.

  • Extend Your Living Space

Everyone loves to have a little extra space and retractable awning help you achieve that goal. Whether it’s rain or shine, it allows you to use your patio or deck in all seasons, thus extending your living space. You can add a canopy to your patio or deck to further increase the outdoor area.

Be it a residential space or a commercial one, retractable awnings are an essential part of outdoor décor. They are convenient, flexible and long lasting. Install one today and enjoy its benefits.

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