6 Ways to Maximize Your Small Patio

Posted By: admin on 14 Jun, 2017

Small Patio

Image Credit: Sha-excelsior.org

Not everyone has acres of outdoor space. Most of us need to do with our tiny patios. Thankfully, with a little creativity, you can transform your pint-sized outdoor space into an awesome oasis.

With spring on its way out and summer on its way in, it’s time to incorporate these 6 creative ideas to make the most of your small patio.

  • Multipurpose Furniture

The best way to utilize a small space is to install double-duty patio furniture. It can act as both furniture and as a storage space. For example, use a built-in bench to save space required by chairs, or a built in table with movable wood on the top and ice bucket at the bottom for keeping the bottles cool.

  • Potted Plants

Create a mini garden in your tiny patio for a vibrant look. You can place some fragrant houseplants to fill your outdoor space with a beautiful aroma. Other options to consider are bonsai trees, fruits and vegetables. These pots are easily movable and their arrangement can be changed whenever you want.

  • Umbrella

It is impossible to have big trees in a small patio. Therefore, umbrellas are the best way to get some shade in your outdoor area. They are stylish and add elegance to a space. You can install an overhanging umbrella for a unique look.

  • Drapery Panels

Adding some curtains to your patio is great for creating some shade and privacy in your patio. It will enable you to cover the space and make it a room whenever you need. Complement it with contrasting carpet or an area rug and transform your patio into a cozy oasis.

  • Bright Colours

Bright colours work well with small patios by adding a splash of freshness to the décor. Blend colours to match the changing seasons and balance it with vibrant fabrics for cushions, pillows and patio furniture. Go with patterned fabrics for adding more drama.

  • Placement

When space is limited, placement matters a lot. For patios with less floor area, attach benches to the wall and emphasize on maximizing the space. Another way is to group furniture in a particular area and leave the rest to allow more seats for guests.

Don’t get discouraged with the size of your patio. Be imaginative and expand your outdoor design options. These creative ways can turn your pint-sized outdoor space from blah to beautiful. Start planning and enjoy the summer in your cutely styled patio.

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