7 Beautiful Spring Patio Décor Ideas That You’ll Love

Posted By: admin on 19 Mar, 2019

When the sun starts to shine and the average temperature starts staying above 0°C (32°F), then you know that spring is here. It is the season to celebrate nature, colours and beauty. And, what else could be a better way to do this other than decorating your patio with spring trends. It is the perfect time to invest in some patio décor that embraces this colourful season. If you’re wondering where to start, then here are seven beautiful spring patio décor ideas you can incorporate in your outdoor living space.

7 Spring Décor Ideas to Spruce Up Your Patio

1) Add Bright Spring Planters with Colourful Blossoms

Nothing symbolizes spring better than colourful blossoms. But displaying them in bright planters takes the patio décor to the next level. Bring these striking pieces to your outdoor space by adding seasonal flowers such as snowdrops, crested iris and winter aconite decorated in industrial grey planters to create an enticing patio space. The lush greenery and bright hues will freshen up your outdoor décor.

2) Place Relaxing Lounge Chairs and Hammocks

The pleasant weather during the spring season allows you to spend more time outdoors. Why not make the most of it by accentuating your patio with relaxing chaise lounge chairs and hammocks? These comfortable furniture pieces and accessories are perfect to create a cozy outdoor space for you to relax. Add some plush cushions and throws to make the lounge area more comfortable.

3) Decorate with Organic Materials

As mentioned earlier, spring is the time to celebrate nature and when speaking of nature for décor, organic materials are your best bet. Go for wicker furniture, woven wool rugs, wooden picnic tables and macramé wall hangings to accentuate your outdoor space. These organic décor pieces will not only add texture but also make your patio more visually appealing.

4) Go for Vertical Greenery

Freshen up your patio’s appearance by adding a wall featuring lush greenery. Whether it’s faux or real, a green wall will be a perfect amalgamation of colour and nature to incorporate spring décor in your patio. You can use it as a background for your seating arrangement and transform it into a focal point.

5) Use Repurposed Indoor Items

Do you want to get the most unique patio décor this spring? Follow the latest trend of repurposing indoor items and bringing them outside. Look for old cabinets, vanity, drawers and dressing tables and give them a new life with a fresh coat of paint. New rope pulls, knobs and some floral prints will be perfect additions to make the furniture look more spring-inspired. Use them as decorative items or for storage and place them around your patio furniture arrangement to make your outdoor space an extension of your indoor style.

6) Choose Unexpected Statement Pieces

Explore new ideas and décor items by choosing unexpected statement pieces for your patio. This unconventional approach will make your outdoor space more interesting that perfectly celebrates this wonderful season. Upcycle rain boots as planters, hang charming flower baskets, rustic wood signs, monogram planter and flower display on a ladder placed in a corner are all great examples of unique statement pieces that create a sense of adventure as well as put your patio together.


7) Incorporate Floral Prints

From upholstery on your patio furniture to cushion and throw covers, choose botanical and floral prints to make an eye-catching statement. You can also incorporate blossom prints on outdoor curtains and table runners to bring uniformity to your vernal patio décor.

Spring is the ideal time to spruce up your outdoor décor with colourful twists and unique styles. Incorporating the above-listed ideas will not only make your patio cozier and more attractive but also impress your guests with your amazing sense of décor. If you have any ideas to bring in the look and feel of this wonderful season, share them with us. We’ll be more than happy to receive your suggestions.

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