7 Great Tips for Planning Your Dream Outdoor Wedding

Posted By: admin on 11 Sep, 2019

Ah, to indulge your wedded bliss amidst the beauty of nature! The bright blue sky, the romantic breeze, the humming birds, the lush greenery… all to witness the beginning of your ‘Happily Ever After’. While outdoor weddings come with a lot of excitement, nature does not always cooperate when you’re prepping your big day. From devising a backup strategy to keeping guests comfortable, here are a few helpful tips to cover your bases and make your outdoor wedding a memorable one.

Outdoor Wedding with Awnings


Outdoor Wedding Planning Tips


Gear Up to Face the Sun

When planning an outdoor ceremony, chances are that the sun will be shining bright for a majority of the day, if not all of it. Talk to your photographer about how the sun may affect your wedding photographs. Be mindful of its position in the sky, as you don’t want your photos to be ruined by shadows, the squinting of your guests and unwanted glare. Also, talk to your event organizer about the placement of your reception tables, guest chairs and cake table. The last thing you want to do is be squinting while saying your vows or kissing your new spouse. Ask your event planner to preview the location so they can decide on the décor theme, colour scheme, furniture, outdoor accessories and their ideal placement.


Consult Your Hair Stylist

Let your hair stylist know about any weather-related concerns you may have. Experienced makeup and hair professionals will know how to make you look your best in the heat, wind, cold and even the rain. They will have some great tips and ideas based on your hair type, weather conditions on the day and your personal preferences. Also, have a backup hairstyle in mind to make sure you are not left with a limp coiffure at the slightest gust of wind or sprinkling of rain.


Prepare Umbrellas and Waterproof Tents

Outdoor umbrellas and waterproof tents are a great way to add shade and beauty to your open-air wedding venue. When organizing a ceremony outdoors, there is always a chance that scorching heat, chilly winds or heavy rains may need to be accommodated on the day. While the umbrellas will protect your guests from sunburn and rain, waterproof tents are ideal for strong winds.


Arrange Portable Fans for Enclosed Tents

It’s not enough to have an enclosed waterproof tent as a backup plan. You also need to have strong portable fans to keep your tent cool and comfortable, especially during summer. Just make sure that they are placed far enough away so they don’t blow your hair or décor out of place.


Consider Your Guests’ Comfort

Lawn or outdoor venues often have soft grass patches, rocky pavement and bumpy landscapes that can inconvenience your guests. Notifying them in advance will help them decide whether to wear heels, gowns, boots, coats or lightweight fabrics, depending on weather conditions and venue location. If you have guests wearing heels, consider options to help them walk comfortably (avoid sinking heels) and navigate around the wedding venue without tripping. For example, you can place stepping stones close to where your bridesmaids will be standing or lay a pathway up to the aisle. Having flip-flops on hand may make your guests feel more comfortable.


Plan Food Accordingly

A lot of time and consideration goes into choosing the right wedding menu, and it’s never something that a couple should take lightly. In fact, one of the biggest mistakes people make is choosing food according to their preference and not according to the weather. This becomes all the more relevant when planning an outdoor ceremony. It is tough to keep cold foods intact in the summer, and many dishes will melt or lose their texture when exposed to high temperatures for too long. Your caterer is the right person to advise you on the right dishes for an outdoor wedding.


Mind Your Dress

Most bridal dress designers will ask their clients about their wedding venue before coming up with different designs.  If you’re planning a winter or fall wedding, avoid off-the-shoulder and short dresses to stay warm and comfortable outdoors. Likewise, avoid long-sleeved or full-length dresses in summer; choose flaring, short dresses instead.

Planning an outdoor ceremony comes with challenges but do not let the potential drawbacks keep you from living the dream of your life. With some careful planning, you can handle the curveballs nature may throw at you and make your outdoor wedding a big hit. Good luck!

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