7 Practical Ways to Add Extra Seating to Your Patio

Posted By: admin on 12 Nov, 2018

Is your patio your friends’ favourite destination for cocktail parties, summer barbeques and weekday dinners? These get-togethers generally start from a small gathering and end up getting a lot more guests than what you initially planned for. That’s just how friends are!

It’s possible that you may not have enough seating area for all your guests. You might get tagged as a bad host just because you didn’t arrange for a few extra chairs and some of your friends were standing during the entire party. You don’t want this to happen.

Fear not! This post from Sunguard Awnings & Patio Furniture, suggests seven practical ways to add extra seating to your patio, while also enhancing its beauty and functionality.

  • Keep Folding Chairs Handy

Folding chairs are the easiest way to increase your seating without making your patio look crowded with outdoor furniture pieces. You can fold them up and store them in the garage when the crowd is small and bring them out when more guests arrive. These chairs are lightweight and take up less space, thus can be easily carried from one place to another wherever you need extra seats.

  • Bring in Hammocks and Swing Chairs

Add seating space while accentuating your patio with beautiful garden furniture pieces such as hammocks and swing chairs. These impressive items not only increase the functionality of your outdoor space but also add a fun element to the overall appeal. Available in a wide range of sizes and styles, these furniture pieces are comfortable, stylish and relaxing. Add a few weatherproof cushions to these seats and create a wonderful place for your guests to swing while enjoying the party.

  • Include Tree Hugging Benches

Do you have big trees in your backyard? If so, make the most of them by including tree hugging benches around them to add some extra space for seating. If your patio is not enough to accommodate several guests, you can extend your party area to your grassy lawn with these benches for outdoor enjoyment. These furniture items are the perfect choice to create a restful place in the shade where your friends will love to spend their time.

  • Incorporate a Seat Wall

Another functional and elegant item to create more space for guests to sit is a seat wall. Implementing this idea requires preparation in advance as you need to construct a raised (seat-height) wall around your patio area. It can be made of stone, wood or concrete, depending on your budget and lifestyle. It will be a permanent addition to your outdoor space that will act as a solid bench and make your patio look cozier.

  • Replace Coffee Tables with Ottomans

The utility of a coffee table might be high when you’re alone in your patio. But, when you have guests, an ottoman is a better alternative to a table. It can be used to put drinks and food in a tray when you have fewer guests. When the whole group arrives, use this multifunctional furniture for sitting.

  • Mix and Match Your Indoor Furniture

To accommodate more guests in your patio area, use your indoor furniture pieces such as dining table, chairs and couches. It is a matter of a few hours, so you don’t need to worry about your indoor furniture pieces getting damaged. Mix and match chairs and tables to create a long banquette table for dining. Implement the same idea to create plenty of sitting spots for your friends by mixing and matching chairs from different areas of your backyard.

  • Use Wooden Pallets to Build Seating

If your budget doesn’t allow you to invest in new patio furniture sets, then a recycling project can be your saviour. Use old wooden pallets to build rustic tables and benches by sanding the wood and painting or staining the pallets. Place these tables and benches made of reclaimed wood in your garden and dedicate a spot for your friends who want to chill out away from the crowd. Here’s a video for you to learn how to build a garden bench out of pallets.

Don’t let unavailability of seating space spoil your patio party and everyone else’s mood. Whether your party fluctuates between small gatherings to larger groups, incorporate the above-mentioned items in your outdoor space to ensure that every guest gets a place to sit. The ideas suggested by your friends at Sunguard are both practical and aesthetical. They are perfect to transform a good patio party into a great one.

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