How to Choose Retractable Awnings for Your Home

Posted By: admin on 15 Jul, 2019

Installing a new awning in your home is a great investment. The right kind of awnings can dramatically change your outdoor space and make them enjoyable throughout the year. Whether you want to enjoy a cup of coffee on a rainy afternoon or protect your guests from the sun during a barbecue, awnings have you covered, both literally and figuratively. There are many factors to consider before buying, but with proper knowledge, you can choose the best retractable awnings for your needs and budget.

Pick out the Right Retractable Awnings

The Type

It’s important to consider whether you want stationary, freestanding, or retractable awnings. Retractable or roll-up awnings let you control shade which means you can access as much (or as little) natural sunlight as you like. Hence, they are also appropriate for decks and patios. Switches and motors make retracting them a breeze, especially in advanced models with automatic wind and sun sensors. This means there is no need to get worried when the weather changes.

However, remember that they aren’t designed to withstand high winds so be sure to retract them when heavy winds start blowing. You may also consider freestanding awnings for your patios, terraces, and decks. They’re great at segmenting a space, which can be beneficial if you’re thinking of designating a specific spot for the barbecue.

The Material

When picking out a retractable awning for your home, the most common materials are aluminium or fabric. If you go for fabric, you will have a greater variety of materials and colours to choose from, but they usually require higher maintenance. On the other hand, choosing aluminium means there will be limited designs and colours available, but they’re sturdier than fabric and don’t need as much maintenance.

The Angles

While you can spend lots of time thinking about how the finished awning will look, remember to choose the right angles at which it will be installed. This is vital as choosing the wrong angles may result in you not receiving the best coverage from sun and rain. For the best results, install your awning in the east or west part of the home and have it fitted between 65 and 75 degrees. But, if it is installed in the south or north, the angles should be between 45 and 65 degrees.

The Side Panels

Side panels are a popular addition. Not only do they offer a completely new look to the awning from an architectural perspective, but they also provide better coverage from sun and rain, meaning you can use your patio and deck more often.

The Size

Awnings are available in a variety of sizes. If you’re looking to simply add a decorative element, choosing a smaller retractable awning is preferable. However, if your aim is to enjoy maximum coverage from rain and sun on patio or deck, you’ll benefit from a larger awning.

The Cost

When comparing prices, remember to factor in installation charges. Also, do not forget to account for operating costs and regular maintenance. By adding these to your budget beforehand, you will get a better idea how much your new retractable awning will cost.

The Colours

When choosing retractable awnings for your home, use common sense. For instance, if you pick a bright colour, it will make the awning stand out, but you need to ensure it will look good with your existing colour scheme. Lighter colours are generally more in demand as they blend in well with the overall look and feel of any type of décor. Also, lighter colours don’t attract as much heat, making them more effective at keeping the patio or deck cooler. In fact, some awnings can lower the temperature by as much as 20 degrees.

What Features Should a Retractable Awning Have?

Homeowners generally add retractable awnings so they can control the amount of shade they get in outdoor areas. If you’re thinking of investing in one for your home, make sure it can reliably let in the sun’s rays or protect you from them as needed. After all, the benefits of controlling shade go beyond just providing comfort. Using these shades strategically can help you save on energy costs by blocking sun in summer and welcoming it in winter. Here are some other things you should look for.

  • Durability and Weather-Resistance

It’s vital to choose a product that is made to last while retaining its appearance, even when exposed to high humidity and sunlight. To that end you should look for high-quality solution-dyed synthetic fabrics that resist both fading and mildew. Also, make sure the frames are rust-resistant with a powder-coating and thick finish to protect them from elements and are easy to clean.

  • Warranty Protection

Retractable awnings are a sensible investment, but it is best to look for high-quality products as they last longer. So, it’s important to conduct thorough research and ask about warranties. Additionally, make sure you are aware of the components used, such as hardware, fabric, frames, and motors.

Before buying a retractable awning for your home, consider the above-mentioned points to ensure you get the product best suited to your lifestyle and needs. However, no matter what you choose, rest assured knowing that great retractable awnings can help protect you from adverse weather and extend the lifecycle of your outdoor space.

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