How to Add Colours to Your Drab Patio

Posted By: admin on 7 Feb, 2018

Drab Patio

Like your living rooms, your outdoor spaces should have a colour scheme to make them look fun and attractive. Although natural sources such as plants, flowers or scenery can inject colours to your landscape, there are several other ways to add some refreshing hues to your patio. In this blog post, we’ll give you some simple, yet effective, ideas to add colours to a drab or pale-looking patio.

  • Use Colourful Cushions and Pillows

One of the easiest ways to add a colourful touch to your patio is by using cushions and pillows in bright colours. This is a great idea to utilize when you don’t have the budget to replace your existing neutral-coloured outdoor furniture. Go for bright, bold, and contrasting colours and patterns.

  • Paint a Wall

If you want a dramatic transformation and have a creative inclination, paint an exterior wall of the garden or a patio screen. Choose a colour that complements your space and furniture. To make it more interesting, decorate with creative outdoor accessories or try painting murals on the wall.

  • Get a Bright Outdoor Rug

No matter if your patio is big or small, cover the ground with a bright coloured rug that matches your furniture, upholstery, accessories and surroundings. An outdoor run will not only transform the look of your patio, but it will also protect the floor, cover up damages, and provide aesthetic warmth. Make sure that the colour of the rug echoes the cushions and pillows to maintain the visual charm.

  • Buy Colourful Patio Furniture

Seating areas often serve as the focal point in an outdoor area. Brightly coloured tables, chairs, ottomans or hammocks can enliven your dull looking patio. Whether you choose to buy dining sets, conversational seating, chaise lounge chairs or any other type of patio furniture, you can find them in a wide range of colours, ranging from pastels to primaries.

If you’re on a tight budget, you can experiment with the colour and pattern of the upholstery without shopping for brand new furniture. If you choose the patterns and shades right, you can even make a statement with classic blue tones and whites instead of bright pink and oranges, for instance.

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  • Use Colourful Pots or Planters

Decorate your patio with colourful planters or pots in bright colours, such as yellow, magenta, red or orange. Hang them on the fence, arrange them around your seating area or install them in the patio entrance to add a colourful touch to the area. Pair succulents, herbs or plants those are valued for their foliage in these colourful planters to create more vibrancy.

  • Hang Accent Lighting

Use hanging lanterns available in a wide range of colours, shapes, and sizes to lend a beautiful ambience to your patio. You can hang them on tree branches, hooks or even place them on the patio table. Their external colours will brighten up the outdoor space during the daytime, while their bulbs or candles will light up the night for you with their charming hues.

Transforming your drab patio into a dynamic one isn’t difficult. Follow any of these suggestions and make a statement effortlessly!

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