Why You Should Choose Teak Wood Furniture for Your Outdoor Space

Posted By: admin on 14 Jul, 2017

Teak is a very popular option for outdoor furniture. It is considered a long-lasting and easy to maintain wood type with the added benefit that it ages gracefully. Due to its longevity and structural strength, teak wood is still used for building ships and boats.

Since patio or garden furniture is exposed to harsh weather conditions, it needs to be tough. Outdoor furniture made of teak wood can handle weather extremes all while maintaining its natural beauty.

If you’re planning to stylize your outdoor space, then here are a few reasons why you should consider teak wood patio furniture.

1) Strong and Durable

Teak furniture is incredibly tough. It is made from century-old, mature teak trees, which means you can count on its durability. Furniture made from teak wood is long-lasting and can withstand heavy loads. It has a natural resin and contains hard grains that help in repelling fungus and insects. Unlike plastic and wicker patio furniture, teak furniture is dense and remains strong throughout the year.

2) Weather Resistant

The best feature of teak wood patio furniture is its weather resistance. It is made from tight-grained teak wood and contains natural-oil which repels water and makes it withstand adverse weather conditions. However, it goes from golden brown to silvery grey if it’s left exposed to direct sunlight. The presence of silica in teak makes it retain its original shape even in hard rain falls and snow storms, without warping the grain.

3) Low Maintenance

Furniture made of teak wood is naturally durable and requires little maintenance. You don’t need to paint or varnish it unless you want to create different effects. It can go without regular dusting, but a monthly or bi-monthly clean up is necessary to remove dust and grime. If you desire to provide some extra cover to your teak furniture, then apply a natural teak sealer to keep its natural look. You can find more details on cleaning and maintenance of teak wood furniture here.

4) Naturally Beautiful

Teak patio furniture complements all garden and patio décor due to its natural colour and texture. It gains a weathered look over time, but that silvery appearance looks elegant and enhances the natural outdoor setting. If you have a wooden deck, then incorporating teak furniture with your outdoor setting will do wonders.

Teak wood furniture for your outdoor space has many benefits to offer. It is made from a wood which is easy to maintain, pest resistant, weatherproof and looks beautiful. Consider buying patio furniture made of teak wood. It will last a lifetime and turn your outdoor space into an exotic oasis.

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