How to Choose the Right Chaise Lounge This Patio Season

Posted By: admin on 14 May, 2019

With spring having arrived, it is officially patio season now- the perfect time to soak in the warmth of the afternoon sunlight and enjoy the good weather. While it is common for your porch to have some bench or other garden furniture, Toronto patio season is the time to indulge in some relaxing. And what better way to do that than adding some elegant chaise lounge chairs to your Toronto or Mississauga outdoor furniture collection?


The Beginner’s Guide to Magnificent Chaise Lounges

When it comes down to providing unmatched comfort and elegance, Chaise Lounge or “chaise longue” is proved to be an incredible addition to any room. But what does it mean for your outdoor space?


Ancient Chaise Lounge – Outdoor Furniture in Mississauga

Before we begin, let’s first discuss a little bit of history of the origin of the famous chaise lounges. Even though the French meaning of the term “chaise longue” means any reclining chair, in English it loosely translates to long chairs. Its origin is somewhat debatable and even though a lot of people believe Egypt to be its birthplace, chaise lounges have been noticeable in various work of art in many ancient civilizations. For example, there are many depictions of gods and goddesses reclining in this chair-meets-daybed. However, it was in the 19th century France, that the chaise longue started gaining popularity.


Choosing Chaise Lounges for the Outdoor

Chaise lounges are popular because of the high level of comfort, elegance and functionality they bring to the décor. The unique design and vintage style of this furniture can work wonders for your outdoor space too. Simply place them by a sauna or pool, and you can enjoy the spring afternoon in style. However, the modern variant of the famous furnishing has a lot of variety, and to choose a style and type that is suitable for your needs is not easy.

In this post, we will give you a step by step guidance on how to get the right chaise lounge for your patio, porch or deck.

1.   Understand Its Purpose and Use

Modern Chaise Lounge – Outdoor Furniture in Mississauga

As you can see, the modern-day chaise lounge is used primarily for two reasons:

 A. Functionality: Very comfortable and spacious, it is suitable for any part of your home and perfect for enjoying a book or just the sun.

 B. Visual Appeal: It is a great way to create a bohemian style outdoor space. The vintage style of this furniture is not present in any regular chair, which makes them unique.

Since the angled back of this type of seating arrangement provides full support to the body, it is an ideal choice for the purpose of relaxing. Make sure that the chair has an adjustable backrest, so you can adjust the appropriate angle according to your comfort. You can easily create a natural sunbathing spot with a few of these chairs placed next to the pool. For the elderly and people with injuries and mobility issues, this is a comfortable sitting alternative. With the contoured comfort of the cushions and some side tables, enjoying your favourite drinks or taking afternoon naps just become more fun.

2.   Pay Attention to Your Available Space

Chaise lounges tend to occupy more square footage when compared to any other single-occupancy outdoor furniture. Naturally, a smaller patio or deck may not be the best suitable place for a chaise lounge set. On the contrary, this item is very helpful in breaking up a larger area or the space in front of the pool into smaller sections.

When choosing this product, always focus on the length as it is very important for planning the outdoor area. The armrests require enough space too, so the width of the area is equally important.

Other than this, remember to keep the furniture 2 to 3 feet apart from each other to make them easily accessible. The general rule is that a 10 square feet porch can accommodate only a couple of this chair-beds.

Chaise Lounges for Pool-side patio

You will also have to consider the space behind as well as in front of each piece of the chaise lounge.

3.   Pick the Right Materials

When you choose a material for particular furniture, there are few factors that you must consider. They are:

  • Durability against various elements
  • Maintenance requirement
  • Comfort
  • Weight
  • Cost
  • Appearance

Based on these criteria, there is enough variety in materials too, such as pine, hardwood, wicker, high-density Polyethylene lumber (HDPE lumber), and aluminum.

  • Teak wood should be your first choice for the outdoor space, even though softwood is a moderately comfortable option.
  • In case you choose softwood chaise lounge, make sure to varnish it at regular intervals.
  • Hardwood may be a stronger option but it has its own restrictions and requires a lot of maintenance.
  • Wicker is a more traditional choice for this chair and does not offer as much comfort as the other options.
  • If you want a tough material that is easy on the maintenance, then aluminum should be your choice due to its water and rust resistance and high durability. However, the lightweight structure makes it susceptible to strong wind.

4.   Select the Appropriate Style

Choosing the right furniture style is just as important as the size and colour of the product. These chair-beds may have been around for over 5000 years, but their modern variants do offer a lot of contemporary twist to the conventional design. For example, our Mission Chaise Lounge comes with wheels to offer ease in moving it around.

5.   Choose the Right Colour

Teak has only one colour and you need to rub it down often to prevent from discolouration. Choosing softwood, hardwood or teakwood chaise lounges do not leave much choice for colours, but if you go for HDPE lumber or aluminum options, then you do get more options other than the typical wood tone.

The patio is an extension of your home; it should be as beautiful and inviting as the interiors. Choosing a chaise lounge is not like choosing the other garden furniture in Toronto, and clearly, the variety of options do not make it easy to pick the right chaise lounge for your outdoor space either. But with these factors in mind, you are sure to find one that is suitable for you.

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