How to Create a Dog-Friendly Patio

Posted By: admin on 12 Feb, 2019

Are you a pet parent? If so, then you must be aware that pets, especially dogs love romping in the backyard. It is so nice to watch them play and enjoy being in that open space surrounded by greenery. But, does your yard or patio provide your dog with the amenities your furry friend needs or likes to have? Fear not! You can create a dog-friendly patio which is safe, enjoyable and welcoming to your pooch.


Check out these tips for transforming your patio into a comfortable spot where your dog will love to spend time.

Add a Few Water Features

Make sure that your backyard has plenty of water flowing through a few water features such as a splash fountain, a small stream and 2-3 decorated water bowls. Place them at a height where your pup can access them. These additions will not only enhance the visual appeal of your backyard but also ensure that your dog never feels thirsty while playing in the yard.

Plant Dog-Friendly Greens

Some common plants (such as mums, azaleas and lilies) in the patio or garden can be dangerous if dogs eat them. Keep your landscaping toxin free by planting only dog-friendly greens such as blue-eyes daisy, African violets, cilantro and corn flower. You can add grass as it is known to be good for a dog’s digestive health, but it is not nutritious. Also, avoid using fertilizes, herbicides, pesticides to ensure your yard is free from chemicals that can negatively affect your pooch’s health. Go through this list of best and worst flowers to plant for a pet-friendly garden to know more.

Ensure Safety of Your Furry Friend

Safety of your dog is very important when creating a pet-friendly patio. Make sure you have a fully barricaded backyard to provide a safe enclosure to your pooch. Chain-like fence, horizontal boards or picket fences are some of the sturdy options to fully enclose your backyard. Also, avoid using patio furniture pieces with pointed edges that can pose a threat to your furry friend.

Bring in Plenty of Shade

Shade is a must-have in a patio so as to make the outdoor space more comfortable for your dog, especially when your pooch is outdoors in the summer. One or more large trees that provide shade, a gazebo, a patio umbrella, a canopy or even a doghouse can be installed to provide readily available shade and shelter to your pet. In the absence of a proper area with shade, your furry friend can a get sunburn and suffer from heatstroke.

Create a Digging Zone

Dogs love to dig and they don’t understand that you didn’t provide them with a yard to dig holes all over and damage your landscaping. So, the best bet is to create a digging area for them where its okay to dig to their heart’s content. Simply designate a spot in a shaded area (under a tree) and fill it with sand or install a separate sandbox. Your pooch will love digging holes over there and won’t get exposed to too much sun.

Buy Patio Furniture for Your Pup

Relaxing on a chaise lounge on your patio is a perfect start to a lazy Sunday morning. But, what about your dog? You can’t expect your pup to roam around in the sun for the entire day. Your furry friend also needs a comfy place to stretch out on. A dog bed with a machine washable cover, a dog lounge made of natural material and a cooling gel pad for pets are excellent items to create a ‘paw-fect’ relaxing spot for your furry friend.

Make your patio a fun place for your dog to play and relax. The above-mentioned ideas work wonders to create a dog-friendly patio. Implement them in your outdoor space and make your dog’s patio experience more enjoyable, comfortable and exciting. If you have more creative ideas to transform an outdoor space into a paradise for pets, do share with us.


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