7 Creative Ways to Arrange Your Patio Furniture

Posted By: admin on 14 Jan, 2019

The beauty and functionality of your patio depend on how you arrange your outdoor furniture. The best patio layout is one that makes a clever use of space while encouraging conversation and intimacy. Confusing, isn’t it?

Fear not! Our patio décor experts will help you bedeck your outdoor area to maximize its appeal and utility. Here are seven creative ways to plan a smart seating arrangement.

Different Types of Patio Furniture Arrangement

1) The Classic Arrangement

If you do not want to experiment with your patio furniture, choose a combination that always works.  Place an upholstered sofa facing two patio chairs. This classic arrangement makes your outdoor space look an extension of your living room. Homeowners who want a minimalist décor in their patio prefer this setup of basic furniture items.

2) Corner Arrangement

Unlike the traditional arrangement of two sofas facing each other, you can place two adjacent sofas. This setup is meant to utilize an unused corner in your patio and ensure more space for movement. It is a perfect way of creating an intimate space to encourage chit-chat and laughter.

3) Circular Arrangement

Another simple, yet inviting patio furniture arrangement is placing four chairs in a circle. It creates a wonderful spot to spend a Sunday together while waiting for the grill to heat up. This set up is not only chic but also appealing. The best part, you don’t need to master interior designing to get this look.

4) The Pair Arrangement

A simple pair of chairs overlooking the yard is what a perfect furniture setup for a romantic evening looks like. Place a runner in the front and a small side table between the chairs to bring the outdoor space together. This arrangement is perfect for narrow patios because it takes up less space and brings more to the décor.

5) Dividing Arrangement

A large patio can be organized into functional areas with the help of furniture placement. Use sectionals facing one side of the patio to create a boundary and place a dining table or picnic table on the other side to use it for alfresco meals. With the help of this arrangement, one side of your patio will be a dedicated conversation area whereas the other side will be for dining.

6) Combination Arrangement

A combination arrangement ideally sections a narrow space into two parts without defining a boundary. Allotting one part for dining, you can keep the other one for seating. Anchor the look by a patio umbrella on the dining table and an outdoor area rug to demarcate the zones visually. Make sure you leave enough room between the two furniture pieces to facilitate easy movement.

7) Side-By-Side Arrangement

If you want ample seating space in your patio, go for side-by-side furniture arrangement. All you need to do is place two 4-piece sectionals side-by-side to create two sections that are equally attractive and inviting. A patio with this furniture setup is perfect for hosting big parties as it can easily accommodate more guests. To maximize this look, add chaise lounge chairs and coffee tables.

Augment the visual appeal and functionality of your outdoor space by choosing one of the options mentioned above. Also, you can mix and match them to create a personalized furniture setup for your patio. If you have already chosen your favourite from the list, start working on it. Don’t forget to share your thoughts about the final results with us.

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