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Can I order a Sunguard product without installation?
Yes. We also ship requested products to any location in Canada.

Does Sunguard do installation on all products?
Yes. Our professional team of installers and certified electricians install retractable awnings, basket awnings, commercial awnings, sun shelters/gazebos and accessories including motorized and automated components for retractable awnings.

How long does it take Sunguard to install my retractable awning?
Installations are scheduled ahead of time to ensure that the timing works for you. Depending on the size of the awning and the type of installation, it takes about 2 – 4 hours.

Does Sunguard carry out electrical work with the installation?
Yes. Sunguard has certified electricians who install and test all electrical components.

What areas of Ontario does Sunguard carry out installations?
Sunguard does installations in the areas of Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Brampton, Georgetown, Milton, Etobicoke, Metro Toronto, and areas east to Oshawa.


Can I use a Sunguard retractable awning in light rain?
Yes, the awnings can be used in light rain provided that the awning has at least a 15° slope (20° for projections of 11′ 8″ or more). Anything less will lead to water pooling on top of the fabric.

Is the awning fabric waterproof?
No, the fabric is not waterproof, but it is water-repellent. This means that the fabric will not let water soak through freely, but it will get wet. After an awning has gotten wet it is important to let the awning dry out before retracting it. It is however safe to roll up a wet awning for 24 to 48 hours while damp until any inclement weather subsides.

Can a retractable awning be used in a snowfall?
No, the awning should not be used during a snowfall. A few snowflakes, like light rain, will not harm the awning, but unlike a light rain, snow can accumulate on the fabric, creating additional weight on the fabric and the frame.

Should my awning be retracted during strong winds?
Yes, you must always retract your awning during strong winds.

Can I adjust the slope or angle of my retractable awning after it is installed?
Yes, most of our awnings have this functionality. The method by which you do it depends on your specific model. Some of our models allow you to adjust the slope using the crank provided. While other models will require a few tools to make the slope adjustment.


I would like a retractable awning but……. I can’t operate a conventional crank.
This is not a problem. This can be remedied by having your awning equipped with a motor. Your awning can then be fully operated with a 3-position switch or a 3-button “Easy as 1,2,3” (1-Extend Awning, 2-Retract Awning, 3-Stop Awning).

I would like to get a retractable awning but…. I have limited space where I want it.
This is not a problem. There are several ways to install awnings. Sunguard has experience in handling all installation types from routine installs to custom installations. Call us or visit our showroom and we will ask you specific questions and determine the best way to install your awning. If you have a digital camera, you can make things even more simple by taking pictures of the location and emailing or bringing them to us.

I would like to get a retractable awning but…. I would like to cover a very wide area.
The most common limitation is the dimensions of your building. Retractable awnings can be made well over 20 feet wide, or multiple awnings can be wired to run in tandem, side-by-side.

Do retractable awnings come in specific standard sizes?
Sunguard typically carries inventory in specific, commonly ordered sizes. However, awnings can be ordered and manufactured to any size up to well over 20 feet.

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