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Garden Furniture in Toronto

High-End Garden Furniture in Toronto

A Wide Collection of Outdoor Furniture

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  • patio-furniture-1
  • patio-furniture-2
  • patio-furniture-3
  • patio-furniture-4
  • patio-furniture-5
  • patio-furniture-6
  • patio-furniture-7
  • patio-furniture-8
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Sunguard is a reputed seller of garden furniture in Toronto. We are backyard specialists offering a wide range of high-end furniture made of premium quality materials for your outdoor space. From conversational seating, sectional sofas, dining sets, chaise lounge chairs, fire pits or patio heaters, umbrellas, commercial furniture and accessories, everything is available at affordable rates. We also provide awnings, shades and louvered roofs for your backyard or garden. Our aim is to transform your outdoor space into the best spot of your home, where you can relax with family and friends.

Since 1996, we have provided both commercial and residential markets with high-quality, functional outdoor furniture pieces, which are available in different styles, finishes and colours. Once you’re at our Toronto showroom, our sales team will assist you with the best designs based on your budget.

To inquire about our specifications, services and products, call us at (905)-569-8566 or visit our showroom today!

Different Types of Garden Furniture

At Sunguard Awnings, we have a variety of furniture pieces for you to choose from. Take a look at the different types below to make the best selection for your home or office.

  • Conversational Seating

This is custom-made with comfortable deep seating and Sunbrella cushions. You can build this furniture according to your requirements. If you like sleek furniture pieces, then check out our collection of sling furniture.

  • Sectional Sofas

In comparison to conventional sofas, sectional sofas consist of multiple independent seating pieces. These can be placed anywhere and in different positions. We offer wicker, cast and aluminium sectional sofas upholstered with Sunbrella cushions.

  • Dining Sets

To create a welcoming experience, these sets consist of dining tables and chairs. We offer a wide variety in cast, aluminium and glass table tops for your backyard. You can also add cushions for more comfortable seating.

  • Chaise Lounge Chairs

These are reclining chairs like deck chairs and are generally found in the backyard beside swimming pools. You can use them for your leisure as well. From traditional, classic to modern, we offer a wide variety.

Apart from garden furniture in Toronto, we also offer:

  • Fire pits or patio heaters to add warmth to your cozy space in colder weather.
  • Commercial furniture pieces made of wicker, aluminium and stainless steel are elegant, durable and functional at the same time.
  • Patio furniture accessories such as plant pots made of wicker and furniture covers.
  • Highly functional compact umbrellas made of Sunbrella fabrics.
  • Upholstery made of Sunbrella fabrics such as cushions, which provide both comfort and style.

Visit the garden furniture clearance sale and select the outdoor items you.

Why Choose Us?

At Sunguard, you will enjoy the following perks:

  • We have served the Greater Toronto Area for over 20 years with premium quality outdoor furniture.
  • A huge variety of patio furniture in different colours, styles and finishes are available at affordable rates.
  • We believe in customer satisfaction and assist them from the selection process to their purchase.
  • We offer top brands such as Cabana Coast, North Cape International and La Fete.
  • Customization is available to create unique furniture based on’ your needs and tastes.
  • Apart from stylish furniture made of wicker, cast and aluminium, we also offer a wide range of umbrellas, cushions and other accessories.

Style your patio with elegant furniture pieces from our showroom in Toronto and create an amazing space for your family and friends.

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