How to Choose the Right Patio Furniture for Your Garden

Posted By: admin on 9 Aug, 2019

Picture this: you sitting poolside or on your patio on a warm summer afternoon, relaxing in a comfortable chaise lounge chair, sipping your favourite drink and having a chat. Sounds amazing, right? Patio furniture sets increase the convenience and functionality of your backyard, making enjoying the outdoors that much more comfortable. But choosing a great set of patio furniture is not easy. Whether you are looking to set up a luxurious dining area or a cozy porch with a wicker sofa, there are a few factors you need to consider before choosing a suitable patio furniture set

Patio Furniture

Factors for Choosing Patio Furniture

Choosing the right patio furniture goes beyond selecting the material, styles and fabric. You need to take into account additional factors like weather, the available space, and your desired comfort level, before delving into the details of a buying guide to patio furniture.

The Weather

The first thing you need to consider is climate. Do you live in a hot and dry area, or a coastal one? How frequently does it rain? These are all important questions that you need to answer before investing in an outdoor patio furniture set.

You may wonder how weather factors into choosing the right patio table and chairs. Think about it. Your outdoor patio furniture is exposed to unpredictable weather. Hot and dry conditions can make wooden chairs crack, while a strong gust of wind can send lightweight aluminum flying. Even durable wicker cannot withstand constant humidity. That is why it is important to consider weather before choosing a material.

Size and Shape of the Available Space

Another additional but equally important factor is the size and shape of your backyard. According to interior designer Lisa Gilmore,

“Your outdoor space should be as comfy and well planned as your interior.”

Whether you have a long and narrow balcony or a wide patio or deck, be certain of its shape and size. With that knowledge you can easily evaluate what size patio furniture you need.  According to Lisa,

“Once you figure out what the need for the space is, really think of the appropriate layout for traffic flow and best amount of seating.”

She goes on to say:

“I often find people shove large-scale outdoor sectionals in small patios or too many chairs crammed in a space.”

When choosing furniture for your outdoor space, keep these tips in mind. Make sure that there is enough space left around the furniture for walking comfortably. It is also important to maintain a proper flow of foot traffic.

For example, if the primary purpose of your 12’ X 16’ patio table is going to be hosting casual evening cocktails, then you do not need a separate dining table. That way you end up saving space for some comfortable seating arrangement, maybe even a fire pit.

Placement of the Furniture

Whether your patio is completely exposed to weather has a major impact on the type of patio furniture you buy and its placement. Will they go on soft grass or a hard surface? Is there any overhead covering or awning? All this will help you determine the suitable materials for your outdoor furnishings.

Placement and surroundings also impact the rules for choosing your furniture material. For instance, soft wood furniture, such as that made from pine, should not be placed on soft grassy surfaces or in a completely exposed area. As mentioned earlier, extreme weather conditions can make wood crack and break. Even ground moisture can rot wood. If you are considering metal furniture pieces, remember that they too get corroded due to constant exposure to moisture. Not placing your furniture on muddy ground or areas with fluctuating moisture, irrespective of the material, is the wisest choice.

The Comfort Level

This is a crucial factor for relaxing. After all, the ultimate purpose of your patio chairs and tables is to provide comfortable seating. Proper cushioning is a great way to increase the comfort of your furniture. Even if your chairs do not come with pre-installed cushions, pillows, or upholstery, you can always buy them separately. There are many types of fabrics for outdoor furniture cushions as well. All you need to do is make sure that they are of good quality, so that they last and make your time outdoors as comfortable as possible.

A good-quality fabric will not fade easily, and your pillows will look as good as new even after remaining unused during the cooler months.

Furniture pieces such as chaise lounges and recliners are also great additions for a comfortable outdoor experience. However, it is advisable that you try out the furniture before buying.

Storage Space

This is more of a backup strategy than actual criteria for buying outdoor patio furniture. Since you will not be using your outdoor space much during winter, you need a plan to keep your precious patio furniture set stored and protected. This is especially true for materials like wicker. There are two ways to do this efficiently:

1. You either need to have enough storage space,


2. You can use your outdoor furniture indoors.

In fact, there are furniture pieces suitable for both inside and outside. You can also choose foldable outdoor furniture to take up less room.

Your Budget

Lastly, budget is a big determiner of what you can buy. You may wonder, “Where can I buy quality patio furniture near me, within a budget?”

Perspective can help a lot in this regard. Even though good quality outdoor patio furniture sets are not cheap, that does not mean that the best-quality ones have to be the most expensive. In fact, there are plenty of ways to find attractive patio furniture at a reasonable price. End-of-July and August sales or choosing less expensive materials, such as aluminum or resin wicker, can give you the same quality at a much lower cost. Getting in touch with an outdoor furniture expert can also be helpful in finding the right items for your backyard.

A good-quality patio furniture set can be a lifelong investment if you do it right. Follow all these tips and you are sure to find the right outdoor patio furniture set for your backyard. Just make sure you get it from authentic dealers and manufacturers.

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