How to Get Your Patio Party-Ready

Posted By: admin on 12 Sep, 2018

A patio is the perfect place for outdoor parties. The open space, natural environment and comfortable living area adds to the overall feel. But, to make the most of this extended space, you need to transform your patio into a paradise before inviting your guests over. After all, you don’t want them to look at an unkempt, uninviting and drab party venue.

If you’re planning to throw an entertaining party for your friends and family on your patio, follow this guide to make sure it’s party-ready.

  • Clean the Patio with Power Washing

No one wants to get invited to an untidy and dirty party venue. Be sure to clean the patio with a power washer to get rid of stubborn stains, algae and accumulated dirt from the floors and pavements. If your patio doesn’t need power washing, then a simple sweep will do. It’s also a good idea to clean your patio furniture with a soft brush and soapy water.

  • Arrange for Ample Seating Space

The best patio parties need a ton of seating to make guests feel comfortable. Make sure that you have sufficient patio furniture for sitting such as sectionals, conversational sets, chaise lounge chairs and folding chairs. Add plush throws to make the space cozier.

  • Create a Secondary Space Under the Pergola

You can extend the patio party to your pergola by creating a secondary space for quiet conversations under this amazing structure. Accessorize with some patio chairs and cushions, and decorate a nice coffee table with a few candles to provide light. This arrangement will complement the lush greenery of your garden and take your party to the next level.

  • Add Fragrant Houseplants

Give your patio a pleasant, natural aroma by adding fragrant houseplants. Gardenia, Scented Geranium, Citrus Blossom and Tea Rose Begonia are houseplants that have beautiful fragrances and come in appealing colours. Adding these houseplants to your patio will freshen up the environment to make your guests feel refreshed and energetic.

  • Install Lights along the Patio

If you’re throwing a party at night, then you need to lighten up your patio area. Install solar- and battery-operated lights along dark walkways to prevent tripping hazards. Decorate the seating area with string lights hung overhead to make the backyard dreamy and inviting. To add some soft ambiance near the patio furniture, place lanterns and tea lights on the tables.

  • Set Up a Drink Station

Equip your patio with party essentials to ensure that you have everything ready for a perfect outdoor party. Set up a drinking station with a bar cart, glasses, serving trays, straws and bottles of bevvies. This easy-to-access outdoor bar will help you serve your guests without having to go inside the house to make drinks.

  • Light a Fire to Add Warmth

An evening patio party is incomplete without a fire pit. Guests always enjoy gathering near a nice, warm fire, so don’t forget to add a patio heater to keep the venue cozy. All-weather wicker patio furniture around can give a glam upgrade to the arrangement.

Organize the perfect outdoor party by implementing the above-mentioned ideas that are sure to transform your patio into a party-paradise. If you want to give an upgrade to your patio, then contact our patio furniture experts. We have a wide variety of high-end outdoor furniture pieces and accessories for the best prices at our Mississauga store.

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