6 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Outdoor Furniture

Posted By: admin on 11 Feb, 2019

Buying outdoor furniture might seem like an easy task, but it is not. Many homeowners make several mistakes when choosing furniture pieces for their patio, garden or balcony and end up getting something that is not required or suitable for their outdoor space. Do you also want to make embarrassing mistakes? Obviously not. That’s why we have brought you a list of six common mistakes to avoid when buying outdoor furniture items. Go through this blog post to know what should not be done when making the purchase.


1) Not Measuring Your Outdoor Space

Heading to the furniture store without taking measurements of your outdoor area is a big mistake that should be avoided. You might think that you have the estimate thanks to your powerful eyes, but there is no substitute to exact measurements. Make sure you use a measuring tape and write down the exact dimensions of your patio or deck.  Consider leaving enough room around the furniture for people to walk and swing doors (if any) to open.

2) Focus Only on the Appearance

Everyone wants a good-looking outdoor space that enhances the curb appeal of their property. But this doesn’t mean you will rely only on beauty when choosing patio furniture pieces. Besides being attractive, the furniture pieces you choose should be functional, comfortable, stylish and sturdy. What would you do with a beautiful chaise lounge if it doesn’t grant ease and comfort? Make it a point to go through all the factors of the product before making the purchase.

3) Not Paying Attention to the Materials

Different types of materials are used for making outdoor furniture including wood, rattan, plastic and wrought iron. If you don’t pay attention to the material, you won’t be able to figure out which one will withstand the weather conditions of your location. For example, if you’re buying outdoor furniture for your Toronto home, then you must go for wicker patio furniture as it is moisture-resistant and durable that won’t get damaged during the downpour in spring. On the other hand, a metal furniture piece will be perfect for dry weather conditions.

4) Not Considering Your Existing Outdoor Décor

Every outdoor space has a décor style. Buying patio furniture without considering whether it matches the existing style or not is a big no. Choose furniture items that go with other elements of your patio, deck or garden. For instance, if you have a minimalist style deck, opt for sleek cast aluminium chairs and tables for the perfect combination. On the contrary, if your deck has wooden accents, then teak wood furniture will be your best bet.

5) Not Trying Before Buying

The ‘sit test’ is necessary to understand the comfort level a chair or sofa can provide. If you make the mistake of buying before trying, then you’ll end up with an outdoor sofa, chair or chaise lounge which isn’t comfortable for you to sit on. Avoid the temptation of shopping too quickly because you’re getting a good bargain. Test how it feels to sit on the furniture piece.

  • Is it poking you in your shoulder blades or is it properly supporting your back?
  • Is it too low or is it too deep for you to get up easily?

Sit at least for 10 to 15 minutes to understand the real feel of the furniture piece. Be sure that you feel comfortable and at ease.

6) Forgetting About Function

The purpose of your outdoor furniture plays a vital role in deciding which one to choose. Never make the mistake of forgetting about the functionality of the furniture. Determine why you want to purchase an outdoor sofa. Is it for entertaining large groups frequently or simply for enjoying some time in the open air? For example, if you’re planning to throw patio parties for your friends’ group, then a sectional and some extra chairs will be good. But, if you’ll be using your patio for family brunches, then an outdoor dining table will do.

Hopefully, you won’t make the above-mentioned mistakes when buying outdoor furniture for your backyard. Remember that buying indoor furniture is different from shopping for outdoors. You have to consider a number of other factors as well such as weather-resistance, durability and material. If you want to make the most of your outdoor furniture purchase, then be careful and make decisions wisely.

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