Patio Decoration – Tips and Ideas to Spruce Up Your Outside Space

Posted By: admin on 13 Sep, 2019

A well-decorated patio enhances your home’s overall appearance and adds value to your property. You can make your ordinary patio look better by adding certain decorative elements or making little improvements. In this blog post, you will learn some excellent tips and ideas to decorate your patio beautifully.

How to Make Your Patio Look More Attractive

Install a Large Umbrella

A normal-sized patio will not provide much shade or protect large pieces of furniture.
If you want to cover a big area of your patio, use a giant umbrella. Besides providing shade, large patio umbrellas act as cool decorative items. They protect expensive patio furniture, like outdoor chaise lounges, loveseats and sectional seating from harmful UV rays.

Add String Lights

Install string lights to illuminate your patio. They are ideal for daytime as they are very small and cannot be easily seen. When it comes to outdoor night lighting, there are many options, but string lights top the list in terms of variety and adaptability. String lights complement any patio space and add elegance to your outdoor area.

Plant Trees

Trees add beauty and brightness to your patio. Many homeowners avoid planting trees on their patio as installing night lights around them is not easy. But by putting candles and Christmas lights on them, you can make trees look bright and beautiful on any special occasion.

Create a Gathering Spot

The patio is the ideal place to sit and enjoy time together with family and friends. So, create a hangout spot with beautiful seating arrangements. The spot may resemble a shady tree, a fire pit, artwork or a fountain. Just be sure that it looks unique and distinguishes your patio apart from others. It should have plenty of space where people can sit comfortably and enjoy spending time.

Make a Seating Area Under a Tree

If you have a big and shady tree on your patio, create a place to sit and relax under it. You can set up a private reading spot, drinks hangout or a place to spend romantic moments. Be creative to distinguish your seating area from your neighbours’. Keep everything simple by placing a bench under the tree to relax and enjoy its shade. Add a picnic table and chairs to have a good time with your friends and family. Even when the area is not in use, it will still attract the attention of visitors.

Install a Water Element

Add water features to your outdoor space to evoke a feeling of calm. It is not that easy to build a pond, fountain or water wall on your patio. Once installed, though, it will act as the centre of attention. If you want to install a water element in your patio without spending a lot of money, a water fountain fits the bill. Options include European, flowerpot and stone fountains. Installing a water wall is also cost effective and can be built in any size and shape.

Incorporate Large Rocks

Give your patio a natural new look by placing large rocks in your outdoor space. And you can vary that look by adding or removing them from your outdoor space whenever you want. Use hand-painted rocks on your patio if you do not want them to look similar.

Use Heaters

Sometimes, chilly weather prevents you from enjoying nature’s beauty to its fullest. To keep your patio warm, install high-quality heaters. Heaters come in various styles such as stand-alone, tabletop and wall-mounted to add warmth and comfort to your backyard.

Fix Mirrors on Walls

A mirror makes a significant difference to the overall look of your patio. It gives the illusion of a bigger space irrespective of the area covered by your patio. Install mirrors on walls to create a visual impact of an extended area. As mirrors come in different shapes, styles and designs, you can easily get the one that looks perfect on your patio. Use antique mirrors to create a balanced look between old and new.

Hang Drapes and Curtains

Use beautiful curtains and drapes on your patio to add curb appeal to your outdoor space. Besides adding beauty, they also protect expensive furniture from harsh sunrays. As they reduce daytime glare, you will enjoy more pleasant temperatures in summer. Curtain and drapes also give you the privacy you seek on your patio. So, you do not need to worry about the interference of nosy neighbours when you are having fun with your friends and families in your backyard.

Burn Citronella Candles and Torches

Many homeowners use candles and tiki torches in their outdoor space, but the sight of burning citronella on a patio is less common. The blazing flame of citronella candles and the illumination of torches creates a wonderful ambience. These candles act as non-toxic repellents that keep mosquitoes and bugs away.

Hopefully, the above patio decoration tips and ideas will help you to decorate your outdoor space uniquely. Include the decorative elements you like the most and be creative to give your patio a whole new dimension.

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