How to Perfect Your Patio’s Furniture Layout

Posted By: admin on 8 Jan, 2020

Without proper ambience and décor, your patio will look incomplete and not as enjoyable as you want it to be. The furniture you choose, the surrounding greenery, how you light it and how cozy you make it altogether influence how functional the space will be. If you have a small patio area or front deck, arranging ample seating without making the space cluttered is tricky but not impossible. There are various furniture layout options, types of outdoor furniture and accessories meant for small spaces. When you know how to make the most of your available space, you can more easily choose the right furniture and décor.

Tips to Perfect Your Furniture Layout

Before discussing the perfect furniture layout, it’s important to keep in mind certain factors that will influence it. The following are a few tips to help you quickly arrange your furniture and décor perfectly, irrespective of the space you have:

  • Create a focal point

There should be a focal point to your furniture around which the entire layout should be arranged. It could be a decorative fire pit, an ornate coffee table or a conversational seating set. The key is to make sure it draws the viewer’s attention in a positive way and that the other surrounding items complement it.

  • Determine the purpose

You can use your patio in many ways, from simply spending time close to nature to hosting outdoor parties and get-togethers. Do you want a casual layout or an extravagant arrangement for formal parties? That’s a question you must solve before you start looking for suitable patio furniture and accessories.

  • Consider foot traffic

Consider the foot traffic of the area so there’s enough room to maneuver around the furniture. Ideally, leave at least a 36” to 48” gap between a piece of furniture and the wall and between the furniture pieces to ensure smooth movement. Make the arrangement such that it directs the guests towards your primary seating area and leaves other places uncluttered.

  • Isolate the outdoor kitchen

If you have an outdoor kitchen or barbecue area, make sure it’s well isolated from your patio seating. This will ensure that you and your guests don’t have to put up with cooking smoke while enjoying a chat. You can devise a separation between the kitchen and seating area by using a line of hedges or similar barriers. Such separation also makes your patio look more organized and spacious.

Outdoor Kitchen Isolation from Patio Furniture

  • Accessorize

Use cushions, area rugs, flower pots and fire pits to add more visual dimension to your patio. Lighting also plays a vital role in the overall appeal of your patio. When you need to store your patio furniture, as during winter, make sure you have a proper storage option for your accessories so they don’t get damaged.

Different Types of Patio Furniture Layouts

The following are different layouts you can try out for your patio area so you can make it more functional and get the maximum use out of it.

  • Consider the space available

This includes a two- or three-seater sofa with two or more chairs around it. There will be a central coffee table to complete this layout and side tables beside the larger sofa. The arrangement entirely depends on the available space. Choose the larger sofa set keeping in mind the area of your patio and reduce or increase the number of chairs accordingly. The side tables are optional when space is limited.

  • Mix and match chairs and loveseat

The two-seater sofas known as loveseats are an all-time favourite for small patios and decks. When you combine it with a slightly asymmetrical mix of different types of chairs, you impart a bohemian touch to your patio décor. Lounge and folding café chairs have a very casual feel and colourfulness that make your patio look and feel more vibrant. Choose a coffee or side table that complements the central furniture, i.e. the love seat.

  • Create a corner seating area

This is a great way to maximize your seating area without making the patio look cluttered. An L-shaped sofa placed right against the wall along with a couple of single-seater sofas will provide seating solutions for 5 to 6 people on average. At the same time there’ll be enough leg space because of the corner design of the focal furniture. You can achieve the same effect by using two separate sofas placed at right angles to each other. Add a side table at the junction of the sofas for functionality and to balance the décor.

  • Choose ottoman instead of chairs

If you frequently host parties in your garden area, you probably need more seating. Why not use ottomans instead of, or along with, chairs? They’re extremely versatile and can be used for seating as well as a footrest. Moreover, they don’t take up much space, and when not in use they can be easily pushed beneath a chair or table to free up legroom.


  • Maximize seating

The dining and seating areas on a patio are essential for those who have picnics and barbecues or simply enjoy dining outdoors. When space is limited, you can easily divide the area by adding a pair of chairs on one side of the porch along with a side table instead of investing in a big sofa set. On the other side, add a small dining table, and instead of chairs, use benches on either side to maximize seating.

Arranging your patio becomes easy when you know how to design the layout. Irrespective of the size of your patio or deck, if you keep these layout ideas in mind, you can easily make the most of this outdoor space.  The key is to choose furniture that offer maximum utility without cluttering the space.

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