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Patio Umbrellas in Toronto

Top-Quality Patio Umbrellas in Toronto

An Exclusive Collection of Patio Umbrellas
patio umbrella

Sunguard is a reputed seller of patio umbrellas in Toronto. These products act as shades above dining tables or seating arrangements such as sofas and chairs. The umbrellas are made of premium quality fabric like Sunbrella and can rotate 360 degrees. Weighing between 60 to 200 lbs, they are light and portable. We offer these items in different shapes such as octagonal, round, square and rectangular. Along with these items, we also provide an array of patio furniture pieces such as conversational seating, sectional sofas, chaise lounges, dining tables, outdoor décor accessories at affordable rates. Our sales team also provides guidance from the initial selection process until your purchase to offer you the best products based on your budget.

Our inventory consists of products from brands such as Cabana Coast, North Cape International and La Fete. Also, our products are durable, stylish and add beauty to your backyard. From residential to commercial sectors, we provide our products everywhere. Serving the GTA for over 20 years, we are known for our top-quality products at reasonable rates and customer service.

For more information on our inventory products, visit our showroom or call us at (905)-569-8566 today!

Different Types of Patio Umbrellas

At Sunguard Awnings, we offer a wide range of items. Choose from the best patio umbrellas on clearance in Toronto for your backyard. We have the following types available:

  • Table Patio

It is an oversized umbrella which stands in the hole of a patio table. It comes with a firm stand and doesn’t weigh down the table too much.

  • Tilting

It is designed with an additional joint at about three inches above the height of the pole. This enables the product to rotate, unlike the table patio umbrella. It comes with a stand and is flexible making it a perfect choice for outdoors.

  • Cantilever or Off-Set

It is different from the other umbrellas and features a solid base, and a long arm that holds the canopy above the table and chairs. The stand doesn’t appear in the centre, rather it attaches to the side so it doesn’t block the middle. It is heavier and less portable, unlike the other types.

  • Sail

It is a tri-cornered umbrella without any pole to support it and can be tied on the trees above the patio furniture set. The absence of a solid base and long pole makes this model light-weight and portable.

  • Commercial

This type is seen in hotels, restaurants, coffee shops and other establishments to increase their visual appeal. It comes with a pole and a stand to support it. It can be used indoors as well.

Come, visit us and pick your favourite type from our patio umbrella sale in Toronto and style your backyard today! Call us at (905)-569-8566 for more information.

Why Choose Us?

At Sunguard Awnings, you will enjoy the following perks:

  • We offer a wide range of stylish and durable patio umbrella and furniture pieces for your backyard
  • Conversational seating, sectional sofas, dining tables, chaise lounge chairs and other items are available at affordable rates
  • We have been serving the GTA since 1996 and are known for our quality products and services
  • Products from top brands such as Cabana Coast, North Cape International and La Fete are offered
  • Our sales team guides every customer throughout the process, right from product selection to installation.

If you’re looking to buy patio umbrellas in Toronto along with other outdoor furniture pieces, Sunguard is the place to be. Call us at (905)-569-8566 and find out more about our products and services.

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