Top Interactive Outdoor Patio Games for Kids

Posted By: admin on 11 Oct, 2019

Playing outdoors is an excellent way to let kids vent their excess energy, encourage creative thinking (through imagination) and learn various life skills. Whether it’s a summer birthday celebration, a Halloween party or a family get-together, engage your kids with these interactive fun games. What’s more, many of these games can be played in the safety on your patio and under your supervision.

Great Outdoor Patio Games for Kids

Here are some fun outdoor game ideas that kids can enjoy playing in your patio. Don’t forget to keep sunscreen, water and bug spray handy.

1. Obstacle Course Game

Kids love playing and competing, so why not combine them in an obstacle course game? It’s easy to arrange, budget friendly and parents love it. The relay races can be arranged in any combination, including jump ropes, hula hoops, plastic cones or spoons, and boiled eggs. If you have a small patio, set up one obstacle at a time and keep track of the winners of each event. However, if your backyard is large enough, you can set up multiple consecutive obstacles.

Some examples of fun obstacle races are:

  • A sack race or three-legged race
  • Racing through hoops on the ground
  • Slow race while balancing books on their heads
  • Racing to grab something and then racing back
  • Building blocks and then racing with a ball between their legs

Tip: Don’t forget the prize and the food! Be sure to have consolation prizes for everyone, no matter how they performed. It’s a token of encouragement that will help them perform better in the future. As for the food, you can use your patio furniture (specially the long table) to spread out a banquet for the kids. They are sure to be hungry after the race.

2. Water Relay

Fun, exciting and easy to arrange, water relays are extremely popular among kids and adults alike who enjoy the challenge. Perfect for summer camps and outdoor parties, this game can be improvised in many iterations using sponges, balloons, shaving cream and so many other things. Here, we will discuss two popular varieties that are easy to play and ideal for all age groups – the Keep the Bucket Full water relay race and the Leaking Cup water relay race.

Keep the Bucket Full Water Relay Race

Place six small buckets filled to the brim with water at the starting line. Divide players into two or three teams depending on the number of participants. Once the whistle blows, a member from each team picks up two buckets and runs the course, trying not to spill any water. The process continues until every team member gets a turn. The team with the most water in their buckets wins. To make it more challenging, set up obstacles on the course; for example solving a quick puzzle or blowing a balloon.

Leaking Cup Water Relay Race

You will need a bucket filled with water, two empty buckets, two cups with holes, and an obstacle activity. Divide participants into two teams. One player from each team fills one cup with water, places it over their head and completes the obstacle course within a set period. When the player returns to the starting line, they transfer the leftover water in their cup into the empty bucket. Continue the process with the remaining members of the team. The team that fills their empty bucket first to a certain point is the winner.

Tip: Make sure that you have some kind of patio shades to protect the kids from constant sun exposure. They can relax and take some refreshments before moving on to the next game.

3. Treasure Hunt

This is an excellent game for kids which arouses their curiosity and enhances their problem solving skills. Parents write down clues on small papers and distribute them among the participants. One clue leads to the next, culminating in some ‘treasure’ towards the end. If the kids are not old enough to understand (or read) the clues, parents can help them or give them extra clues as required. Treasure hunts are more interesting if they involve a bit of thinking and reasoning. Puns and riddles add to the fun.

Here are a few riddles to get you started. You can use these or come up with some of your own. (The answers are below.)

1. You saw me where I could not be.

Yet, often you see me.

What am I?

2. I’m tall in the morning and short in the noon.

I disappear at night, but I will be back soon.

3. I can fill a room but take up no space.

Look out at night and I am in no place.

What am I?

4. My children are near and far

No matter that I know where they are.

The gift I give them makes their day.

But if I were gone, they would wander away.

5. I have an eye but cannot see,

You’ll head inside when you see me.

Answers: (1) Reflection, (2) Shadow, (3) Light, (4) Sun, (5) Storm

4. Balloon Stomp

Kids love balloons, and when they can serve as a game prop, even better! In this game, players have balloons tied around their ankles and chase each other while trying to pop the balloons. Each one tries to keep their balloons safe, and the one with an un-popped balloon/balloons wins the game. It’s perfect for encouraging children to run around (which strengthens their muscles) and can be played indoors or out. So, if you are trapped with kids inside on a rainy day, this game is perfect to keep them engaged and entertained, albeit not in any room with precious breakables!

Tip: The more balloons, the more fun everybody can have. Make sure that you have a balloon pump on hand, as blowing them up manually can be exhausting and take up a lot of time.

With all these fun and creative game ideas, are ideal for playing in your patio, especially in the summers. You can arrange them yourselves or, even better, involve your children in the process, but most importantly they will be out in nature, enjoying and exploring.

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