Reasons Why a Fire Pit Is a Must-Have Patio Element

Posted By: admin on 15 Oct, 2019

It’s the dancing flames that hypnotize us. Since times immemorial, we have relied on fire to provide light, cook food, keep us warm and forge our tools. In fact, it was the key to survival during the Ice Ages. Although we no longer depend on fire the way we once did, it continues to play an important role in our lives. From generating heat and light to smelting and waste incineration, we still use fire in our day to day lives. It calls to us and creates that captivating aura that we can feel in our bones.  So, why not make the most of it and capture its enchanting charm in your backyard? If you are still wondering why you need a fire pit in your patio, here are some strong reasons.

Why Fire Pits Make a Great Addition to Your Outer Living Space

There is nothing as relaxing as lounging by your backyard fire pit. With its warmth and mood-enhancing glow, fire pits continue to rise in popularity, and for good reason. Here are some of them.

Creates a Social Gathering Spot

Imagine spending your weekend evenings grilling chicken wings and enjoying a glass of whiskey as the open flames rise, crackle and swirl before your eyes. Nothing promotes social gatherings and long conversations like the inviting embers of an open fire pit. Since humans are so fascinated by fire, a backyard fire pit makes the perfect centrepiece for any social gathering and sets the mood. It provides a kind of subtle entertainment that’s perfect for long chats over drinks and dinner. Spice up your outdoor party with a game of chess, cards or dominoes. Invite your friends, family and neighbours over and have a good time together. With fire, good food, drinks and games, there is enough scope to keep things warm and interesting. If the night is warm and humid, arrange seating away from the flames so no one feels too hot or uncomfortable.

Safety Tip: Sparks from fire pits can cause explosions if they come into contact with combustible solids, liquids or gases. So, keep flammable materials like towels, wooden utensils, perfumes and hairspray far away. Also, use a protective screen to minimize risks.

Builds a Warm and Relaxing Atmosphere

A study from the University of Alabama (2018) suggests that sitting by the fire can dramatically lower your blood pressure and calm your nerves. By spending just 15 minutes watching a video of swirling and crackling fire (along with sound), participants were able to bring down their systolic blood pressure by 6 points and their diastolic BP by 3 points on average. How amazing is that! So, whether you’re hosting a garden party, arranging a romantic date or meditating, fire pits can build the right ambience.

Safety Tip: Avoid using gasoline or kerosene in your fire pit. These fuels are highly combustible and can cause fire to spread quickly. Dry wood is a good alternative as these types of fires usually don’t extend beyond the pit’s edge. It’s also great for fuel efficiency and heat output.

Keeps Bugs at Bay

Whether you are partying outdoors or enjoying some alone time in your backyard, mosquitoes can turn an otherwise perfect evening into a disaster. Fortunately, you don’t have to do much to keep these harmful insects away. Just ignite your fire pit and forget about such nuisances. Smoke is a natural insect repellent, keeping mosquitoes and other pests at bay. For better results, toss a few herb branches into the pit. Bugs and pests hate strong-smelling herbs like lavender, mint, lemon balm, sage and citronella.

Safety Tip: Never use essential oils over or near an open flame, fire or any source of ignition. They are flammable and can quickly ignite. Always use herb branches for your fire pit.

Doubles as a Grill

One of the best things about a fire pit is that you can use it as a grill to cook delicious meals while enjoying the view of dancing flames. From grilled chicken wings to kebabs and roasted lobsters, you can try a range of BBQ recipes with your fire pit. Most pits can be used as a BBQ griller, using either wood or charcoal. You just need three things – a grill grate, a rotisserie (or tripod), and an enthusiast who enjoys outdoor cooking.

Safety Tip: If the grill gets too hot or the flames too high, never throw water on the grill. This can cause the flames to shoot up further. Instead, cut the oxygen supply to the fire by shutting the grill’s lid.

Can Be Used All Year Round

Some people assume that an outdoor fire pit can only be used on spring or summer nights. However, a fire pit keeps your outdoor fun going all year round. As winter approaches and the weather turns cold, there is nothing better than enjoying time around the fire. And how about enjoying your morning beverage of choice by your fire pit? Whether you love tea, coffee or hot chocolate, you can sip on your favourite drink while enjoying the natural surroundings or reading a book.

Safety Tip: Avoid igniting your fire pit on windy days, since embers can quickly spread to wooden patio furniture and nearby trees.

Lastly, a fire pit adds a feeling of elegance and sophistication to your home that’s sure to bring your friends and family together for feasting and festivities. Always remember that your backyard is so much more than an ordinary patch of grass. With the right patio accessories and design ideas, you can turn your backyard into a stunning getaway.

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