How to Transform Your Backyard into a Wedding Venue

Posted By: admin on 4 Jul, 2018

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Having an intimate backyard wedding is like a dream come true. It offers various advantages such as not needing to book a venue and having the freedom to use the space according to your wishes. Your wedding will have a personal touch and your guests will literally feel at home. You might find this cost-effective solution a time-consuming and hectic option. But, with the right amount of planning and creativity, you can easily transform your backyard into an elegant wedding venue.

Being the outdoor furniture specialists in Mississauga with years of experience in creating perfect outdoor spaces, we understand what a backyard is capable of. That’s why our team has come up with a guide to turn your backyard into the perfect wedding venue. Let’s have a look.

  • Welcome with a Chalkboard Sign

Give a warm welcome to your guests with a chalkboard sign written in a calligraphic style. It is a simple, yet attractive way of directing your guests towards the place where the ceremony will take place. Put the chalkboard at the entrance along with some photographs of the bride and groom pasted around the border.

  • Decorate and Use Your Outdoor Furniture

Use your balcony and patio furniture for the seating arrangement. If you don’t have sufficient pieces, then rent some and use your existing furniture items as ‘Mr. and Mrs.’ chairs. Decorate them with seasonal flowers and embellishments to make a statement.

  • Say ‘I Do’ in the Gazebo

A pretty backyard with a stunning gazebo is the perfect pairing for a wedding venue. If you have a gazebo in your backyard, then make the most of it by taking your wedding vows under this amazing structure. Decorate it with beautiful lights and colourful curtains to make your wedding look like a romantic movie scene.

  • Illuminate with String Lights

The biggest perk of a backyard wedding is that you have the freedom of decorating the venue the way you want. Use beautiful string lights to give a heavenly look to the venue and wrap the strands around the trees to illuminate the entire place. Place Chinese lanterns and candles on each table and give a sparkling appearance to the sitting area.

  • Create Interesting Aisle Runners

If you don’t have stone or brick pathways heading towards the gazebo, then interesting aisle runners are excellent alternatives. Create small, heart-shaped cut-outs pasted on sticks and push these sticks in the ground to make a perfect pathway for the bride. It is a quirky take on the traditional aisle decorated with petals.

  • Select an Al Fresco Dining

Give a twist to your backyard wedding by ditching the traditional dining arrangement and selecting al fresco dining. Use long picnic tables with table lanterns, candles or twinkling lights hanging overhead for your guests to enjoy the dinner in a natural environment. This will give a casual vibe to the event and your guests will feel more comfortable.

  • Add Some Fun Elements

Take your wedding venue décor to the next level by utilizing every element of the backyard. For example, hang swings on trees to work as additional seating space for guests, use leaves from your garden as table cards with guest names written in calligraphic style, use wood stumps for your bridesmaids to stand without getting their heels stuck in the dirt, and gift plant seeds from your garden as favours to let the guests take a piece of your own backyard with them.

Follow the above-mentioned guidelines to get your backyard ready for a unique and intimate wedding. Just make sure that you start planning early and pay attention to details. Apart from our suggestions, you can also include some creative inputs from your side to add a personal touch to the wedding. And, if you need to buy more furniture pieces for the seating arrangement, visit our patio furniture store in Mississauga.

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