How to Transform Your Outdoor Living with Louvered Roofs

Posted By: admin on 8 Jan, 2018

Louvered Roofs

Once spring starts to kick in, most of us will crave the warmth of the sun when we venture outdoors. But it’s not always feasible to enjoy the outdoors on patios and decks with conventional covers or roofs as they can’t endure the spring showers and the heat.

You can make some temporary adjustments such as dragging a chair into the yard where the light is right or find a sliver of shade between your indoors and the patio to avoid the rain. But isn’t it better to make your outdoor space ready for the climate all year round?

In today’s blog post, we’ll discuss how louvered roofs can be a perfect solution for your outdoor setting.

What’s a Louvered Pergola Roof?

It’s a versatile patio roof cover that enables you to control the sunlight, rain and snow in your patio according to your preference. It comes with rotating shutters that can be opened and closed either electronically or manually. When opened, the system will function like the standard slotted pergola and when closed, the roof will function as a shade that’s similar to a closed-top patio cover.

Benefits of Louvered Roof

This patio roof system comes with several benefits for your outdoor space.

  • Makes Your Patio All Weather Ready: The adjustable louvers allow you to let in or block sunlight and ventilation as needed. If the system is motorized, you can control the elements with a touch of a button that lets you open or close the louvers at your desired angle. They’re composed of durable materials that can also withstand the havocs of rain and snow. When you close the louvers, the roof becomes watertight ensuring a waterproof space below complete with integrated drainage to redirect rainwater away.
  • Easy to Install: The installation of the structure doesn’t require huge investments of material or time. Louvered roofs are an affordable patio solution that can be installed within a couple of days depending on the project. Most brands come with a warranty on the louvers, headers, support posts, motors, mechanical elements and remotes.
  • Eco-Friendly: Most louvered roofs are composed of high-quality extruded aluminum and stainless steel which ensure that the roof structure remains rust-free. Even if you use external power supplies or solar energy receptors, these roofs can be opened and closed easily using minimum power.

Outdoor living doesn’t end in the summer. Louvered roofs prepare your patio to be used throughout the year and can become the centrepiece of your backyard at an affordable cost. Give a makeover to your patio with louvered roof installation and enjoy outdoor living with your dear ones even when there’s rain, snow or intense sunlight!

At Sunguard, we offer motorized louvered roofs by Equinox to give you the ultimate outdoor living experience. Call us at 905 569 8566 or write to us at for all your patio needs.

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