Unusual Yet Amazing Ways to Use a Gazebo

Posted By: admin on 12 Jul, 2017

A gazebo is a great addition to your outdoor space. It’s a freestanding structure made of metal or wood that is available in various shapes and sizes. They add a sense of enclosure and enhance the beauty of your garden.

When talking about a gazebo, it’s a common misconception that it is only used in the summer to enjoy the sunlight. But there are many other awesome and unconventional ways of using a gazebo.

Let’s find out what some of those are.

1) A Wedding Venue

Nothing is more romantic than taking wedding vows under a beautiful gazebo. Be it your own wedding or that of a relative; consider having your garden area as the event venue and your gazebo as the focal point. Decorate it with beautiful lights and accessorize your yard. If not for the wedding, then consider using your gazebo for the reception party.

Gazebo for Wedding Venues

Image Credit: weddingsromantique.com

2) An Outdoor Movie Theatre

Want to try something different this weekend? Move your home theatre system into your gazebo to transform it into an outdoor movie theater. Arrange for some extra speakers, cover the gazebo with curtains and seal it for a cosy outdoor entertainment experience. If you want to enjoy a movie date with your partner, then your own personalized movie theatre in a gazebo will be the perfect place to hangout.

3) Play Area for Kids

You can turn your gazebo into a play area for your kids. They can play hide and seek, build a fort or invite their friends for a game night where they can sit and watch their favourite team play football. Your kids can enjoy some privacy without you worrying about their safety.

4) A Small Greenhouse

If you love gardening but don’t have time to cover the entire backyard, then set up a small garden in your gazebo. Grow seasonal vegetables (chillies, potatoes, etc.) or fragrant houseplants (gardenia, tea rose begonia, etc.) to add some colour and aroma to your garden area. You can place some patio furniture in it to create a small garden oasis under your gazebo (if you have space).

5) A Store Room

If you don’t have enough space to store some extra furniture or want to a space to temporarily house your possessions because of home renovation work being done, then gazebos come to the rescue. Make sure you build a temporary wall around your gazebo for protection. Remember that this option is only available during the summertime or else all your belongings will get damaged due to adverse weather conditions.

A gazebo is your garden’s best friend and your versatile companion. Be it a wedding venue or an outdoor movie theatre, your gazebo can do wonders. Use it unconventionally to create a perfect outdoor getaway.

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