5 Attractive Climbing Plants for Your Pergola

Pergolas are an excellent addition to enhance the beauty of an outdoor space. They act as a focal point and allow you to decorate your garden or patio creatively. Their open frameworks and flat crossbeams with pillars look captivating when accessorized with beautiful climbing plants. Climbing plants add privacy and turn your pergolas into a visual treat. These plants don’t require much care and provide an incredible cover to the structure thus offering shade in the summer. If you have a pergola Read more [...]

6 Ways to Maximize Your Small Patio

Not everyone has acres of outdoor space. Most of us need to do with our tiny patios. Thankfully, with a little creativity, you can transform your pint-sized outdoor space into an awesome oasis. With spring on its way out and summer on its way in, it’s time to incorporate these 6 creative ideas to make the most of your small patio. Multipurpose Furniture The best way to utilize a small space is to install double-duty patio furniture. It can act as both furniture and as a storage space. Read more [...]

How to Clean and Maintain Your Patio Furniture

By its very nature, patio furniture is regularly exposed to harsh weather conditions. It gets soaked in rain, tanned in sunlight and covered in snow. Your outdoor furniture goes through many extremes requiring some love and maintenance to keep it going. Cleaning and maintenance of patio furniture depends on the type of material it’s made of. Teak, aluminum, wicker and wrought iron are some of the varieties available. Each material requires a different treatment and maintenance method. Here’s Read more [...]

4 Fragrant Houseplants to Freshen Up Your Patio

Decorating an outdoor area can involve more than just buying expensive patio furniture and adding different water elements to your garden. Fresh houseplants also add a significant aesthetic value to the space. Putting nice smelling houseplants in the patio or deck is a great way of cleaning the air and adding beautiful fragrances to it. They add both colour and scent to your outdoor space. Here are 4 wonderfully scented houseplants that you can add to your patio or deck. Gardenia Known Read more [...]

How to Add Water Features to Your Outdoor Space

  Adding water features to your patio or garden will the area a sense of calmness and enhance its natural beauty. The sound of the falling water, the reflection of the blue sky on the water’s surface and the soothing atmosphere make for a perfect little oasis. Many people find the idea of including a water element in their garden a waste of time, money, and effort. But, adding some features with a little imagination will make your outdoor space more interesting and enjoyable. Adding Read more [...]

5 Ways to Bring Shade to Your Outdoor Space This Summer

Spring is around the corner. It’s time to start preparing for the summer. The hot summer days will be at their peak in a few months, making it impossible to sit around and relax on your patio or deck. To enjoy your outdoor space sunburn-free, you need to find the right sun-blocking solution. From gazebos to awnings, there are many ways to protect yourself and your deck or patio furniture from harmful sun rays. Let’s look at 5 ways to cover-up your outdoor space this summer. Umbrella The Read more [...]

How to Choose the Perfect Fabric for Your Awning

Choosing the right fabric for your awning can be a difficult decision. Several factors need to be considered such as your location, climatic conditions, protective ability, style and budget. Your awning should make your exterior living space more comfortable. Awning functionality is determined by the fabric. Therefore, the fabric must be chosen sensibly to meet your needs and match your style. Use the following four tips to choose the best fabric for your awning. Know Your Requirements Before Read more [...]

8 Patio Decorating Ideas for an Incredible Backyard

Are you looking forward to transforming your backyard and giving it a fresh look? If so, then have a peek at some of these creative ideas and tips and get inspired. Patio decoration must be a combination of beauty and functionality. Even the teeniest of the outdoor space must be utilized to get the most of it. Elements that attract attention as well as serve purpose must be added to the patio for a noticeable difference. Here is a list of some creative patio decorating ideas to give your Read more [...]